World Class Speakers

Angela De Souza
Create, build and share your success story Angela is the founder and director of the fast-growing national network of executives and entrepreneurs, the Women’s Business Club. She is a passionate entrepreneur and mother of four beautiful children.
Jo Fairley

One of UK's leading female entrepreneurs

Jo shares her story of how she became the UK’s youngest-ever magazine editor at the age of 23 and in 1991 co-founder of much-loved chocolate and also now a $100 million a year brand, Green & Black’s Chocolate.

Bev Hepting

Taking your public speaking to the next level

An award-winning speaker and coach who shows you what you really do. What is your message? I work with many business women who are terrified of speaking in public and get them to triumphantly shout to the world about what they do.

Simone Vincenzi

Turning experts into authorities

Co-founder of GTeX and the Lead Facilitator of Explode Your Coaching Business. Simone has been featured on TEDx, as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the Uk and awarded Speaker Of The Year 2016 by the ACPTC. He also contributes regularly for Forbes and The Huffington Post.


Rosemary Cunningham

Money Marketing and Soul Coach

Rosemary helps women to be powerful around money and clear any blocks that are stopping us from moving forward and being as successful as we can be. Attract more of your ideal clients and make great money doing what you love.

Philippa Haynes

How to own your unique space in business

Philippa support businesses to find their unique, making them memorable and stand head and shoulders above the competition. She has worked with top global brands including Levi’s, Ford Motor Company, TATA Global Beverages, British Airways and Clarks Shoes.


Wednesday Dec 4th at Pittville Pump Room, Cheltenham

9:30 AM
Doors Open & Networking

10:00 AM
Education Set 1

Maximise your Brand - Philippa Haynes: How to own your unique space in business

Maximise your Finance - Rosemary Cunningham: Women and Wealth

10:30 AM
Education Set 2

Maximise your Presence - Bev Hepting: Message received and Misunderstood

Maximise your Authority - Simone Vincenzi: How to Become an Authority in Your Field

11:30 AM
Education Set 3

1:00 PM
Fashion Show

Fashion enthusiasts, keep up with the trends and bag a great bargain

1:45 PM
Keynote with Angela De Souza

Hear Angela's latest talk and book release first this year she is unveiling Metacognition and how one word has the power to change everything.

2:30 PM
Dragoness Den

Dragonesses Den is an opportunity for businesswomen to pitch either a new business idea or a new product or service to our fiery dragonesses!

3:00 PM
Jo Fairley, CEO and Founder of Green & Black’s

Jo will be telling us about her fantastic business ventures before taking us into our awards.

3:30 PM
Women’s Business Club Awards

A special time to recognise and celebrate the best businesses in the country

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