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Are you the calibre woman that we are looking for? Do you enjoy business and want to succeed? Are you brave and ambitious or would like to be but need support to get there? Do you want all you can get out of life? We only allow one person from each profession to join each club, this helps avoid any conflict of interest. Guests may attend for up to three visits before committing to membership. Don’t wait another minute, join the club!

Annual Membership

We would love you to join us! Click on the features below for more info and when you are ready to buy simply click on the price to join the club.  All members also pay £25 each month for our business lunch by direct debit.

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
 Business Directory
 Blatant Advertising
 Event Display Table
 Magazine Insert
 Templates & Tutorials  
 Blog Author  
 Mastermind Boardroom    
 Multi group access    
 Job Board    
 A.V.I.D Sales      
 Buy Now £250 £350 £450 £750

Reasons to Join the Club

Incredible Things Greeting Card ❀ Professional exclusivity – there will only be one of your area of business in your chosen club.
❀ Fantastic member only discounts, offers and opportunities.
❀ Our social media community is buzzing and ready to support you, tag you, tweet you and get you out there.
❀ If you need support, our Mastermind Boardroom is tailored offer you the best possible support.
❀ If you are a home worker or trapped in an office, you will find our Business Lunches a breath of fresh air.
❀ Discounted membership to The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club

Even more extras:
Annual Assessment
Member’s Badge
Member’s Business Cards
Member’s Websites

Member’s Promise

As a Women’s Business Club member I commit to :

❀ Attending our monthly lunches and building a strong healthy business community
❀ Welcoming guests and ensuring they feel at home in our club
❀ Supporting fellow members without judgement or gossip
❀ Asking for help when I need it and offering help when I can

Full official Membership Terms & Conditions

Annual Assessment

We are so pleased that you have joined us on this incredible journey. Each year we work through 12 themes so that by the end of the year you would have gone further faster! No matter how much you already know or how long you have been in business, there is always something to learn. This Annual Assessment is a guide to help you get the most from our club. Use this to help you review the progress you have made as well as plan what you want to get from the club each month. This is free for members and can be downloaded here..

A.V.I.D Sales

Angela De Souza’s A.V.I.D Sales System is the difference between exchanging time for money for the rest of your life or managing a system that does the work for you. It’s that simple and will change the way you run your business. An intensive, detailed and thorough sales system that will take you from where you are to where you want to be at a pace that suits you. £699 or free for Platinum members. Find out more at www.angeladesouza.com/avid-sales

Blatant Advertising

As a member of the Women’s Business Club you get the opportunity to blatantly advertise your business or offer in our social media groups once a month. It’s a great opportunity to reach a national audience of business women without being knocked for blatant advertising! Simply start your post with #MemberAdvert to alert the moderators. Get involved now at:

Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/womensbusinessclubUK/
LinkedIn group: www.linkedin.com/groups/4848921

Blog Author

Your experience and expertise is valuable and as a member you get the opportunity to share this valuable knowledge by contributing to our blog. There is no better way to get known quickly than to be recognised as an expert in your field. We often use our blog content in our monthly newsletter and snippets in our magazine too. If you want to activate your author status get in touch.

Business Directory

Getting the most out of your membership starts with setting up your profile in the Women’s Business Club Directory which consists of members only. We do all the work to make sure that people find your business first on the internet.

Steps for setting up your profile:
» Create your account here.
» Go to www.directory.womensbusiness.club
» Click Submit Listing.
» Select the membership category and club location that you signed up for.
» Share your business listing and ask for reviews from those who have used your products or services.


As a member you get discount at our Business Lunches paying only £25.
20% discount is also available on Maximise Magazine adverts
Other discounts could come up from time to time with us and our partners.

Event Display Table

We love to help our members make money and one way of doing that is to have a display table at all our events. This is a benefit which is exclusively for members to showcase their business. You may or may not make sales at every event but you will certainly make sales as a result of your display table as you are creating a memorable image in people’s mind that will come back to them when they need what you have to offer. Display tables can be set up from 11am and will be promoted before the event.

Steps for displaying your business:
» Inform your host that you would like a display table before the event.
» Less is more – a small, tasteful display of what you have to offer is enough.
» Have a call to action so that when women leave they will not forget what they have seen. For example, ask them to sign up to your newsletter at the event or give them a card with an offer that they can redeem on your website.
» Don’t forget to book your stand at the annual Maximise Conference too.

Job Board

Gold and Platinum are invited to post unlimited job vacancies on our job board. This is complimentary and will automatically expire after 90 days. Should you require a full recruitment service please get in touch with one of our recommended recruitment agencies. Go to the Job Board.


Member’s are automatically listed in our magazines after their profile has been added to our directory. Our magazine contains:

Interviews with top business owners
Q&A with experts
Business Fashion
Articles on relevant subjects
Club Directory
Much, much more Find out more at 

Find out more at www.maximise.live/magazine

Mastermind Boardroom

An exclusive peer to peer mentoring and mastermind club with some of the top women business women in the UK Our Mastermind Boardroom offers intimate group meetings, a maximum of 6 in each group, so we can really get down to the nitty gritty of your business. We meet once a month for four hours and with a structured format. Using the collective wisdom of the group, the members help each other solve problems, prevent mistakes and maximise business potential. Find out more at www.mastermind.womensbusiness.club

Member’s Badge

Improve your business status by displaying a membership badge on your printed material or website. Use this with our permission. You will instantly be recognised as a top calibre business owner, as our badge carries this reputation. To use your badge simply right click on the image to the left and select ‘save image as’ to save it to your computer. Then use it wherever you like and link it to your profile on our website.

Member’s Business Cards

Save money and improve your business status by partnering with the Women’s Business Club. We will supply you with 500 luxury business cards for £35 along with your Member’s Badge at the back of your business card. It’s a great opportunity to show that you are a member of a well-respected business organisation. Order your business cards here.

Multi-group Access

Members with multi-group access may attend any of our clubs using their member discount, as long as there is no conflict with an existing member of the club.


For our silver and above members, we are delighted to be able to offer you a place in our shop. HQ regularly promotes the shop as a whole along with your products in it. All we ask is to retain 15% of the sale price, so please set your prices just right.

Your own shop front
Instant payment for your sales
Excellent SEO
Marketing by the Women’s Business Club

Sign up as a vendor at www.womensbusiness.club/vendor_dashboard

Templates & Tutorials in our Jewellery Box

Gems for you Business This secure section on our website offers valuable gems to support you and your business. We offer Templates that are downloadable fully editable documents with supporting help files. Tutorials are written instructions with graphics where possible. Videos are step by step ‘how to’ videos. Go to the Jewellery Box.


As a Platinum member, you will get your very own professionally produced video promo piece that will be aired on Maximise Live. Find out more at www.maximise.live/tv

Monthly Payment Plan

Membership = If you select this option you will only be paying off your membership, you will need to book anything else separately.
Lunches = These are your monthly business lunch events.
Conference = This will include the corresponding Maximise stand. e.g. Bronze = Bronze stand, etc.
Magazine = This option gives you a full page advert in our magazine
Mastermind Boardroom = This option includes access to the Mastermind Boardroom.  

Packages   Monthly Includes
Bronze #1 Buy Now £22 Membership
Bronze #2 Buy Now £42 Membership, Lunches
Bronze #3 Buy Now £62 Membership, Lunches, Conference
Bronze #4 Buy Now £82 Membership, Lunches, Conference, Magazine
Silver #1 Buy Now £30 Membership
Silver #2 Buy Now £50 Membership, Lunches
Silver #3 Buy Now £80 Membership, Lunches, Conference
Silver #4 Buy Now £100 Membership, Lunches, Conference. Magazine
Gold #1 Buy Now £40 Membership
Gold #2 Buy Now £60 Membership, Lunches
Gold #3 Buy Now £95 Membership, Lunches, Conference
Gold #4 Buy Now £115 Membership, Lunches, Conference, Magazine
Gold #5 Buy Now £200 Membership, Lunches, Conference, Magazine, Mastermind
Platinum #1 Buy Now £65 Membership
Platinum #2 Buy Now £85 Membership, Lunches
Platinum #3 Buy Now £145 Membership, Lunches, Conference
Platinum #4 Buy Now £165 Membership, Lunches, Conference, Magazine
Platinum #5 Buy Now £250 Membership, Lunches, Conference, Magazine, Mastermind