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It’s Sunday evening and I am armed with a large Hulk Juice, a nice container of Crunchy Tuna as well as a load of other yummy foods, ready for day 1 of Zita’s Total Body Shape Up which I start tomorrow morning first thing. I am actually excited as I have slowly but surely crept up from a size 6 to a size 14 since I got married 11 years ago.  I have also more recently put on about 16 kilograms over one year from some medication that I had to take. It’s time to get my body back and tomorrow is D-day!


Week 1

Weight: 74.4kg

I am not going to divulge all I eat and drink as you will have to sign up to Zita’s Total Body Shape Up to find out more but what I will tell you is how I feel and the results I achieve.  I am also taking my 9 year old son with me on this journey as he has type 1 diabetes and I feel that this way of eating will help him gain some weight and stabilise his blood sugars as Zita’s plan uses plenty of protein, good fats, fibre and low glycemic carbs. So here goes…

Week 2

Weight: 73.9kg

Be prepared not to get hungry! Seriously. Some days I couldn’t even finish all the food on the menu. This is not one of those starvation diets but a healthy eating plan. Daniel, my son, has not stuck to it but I will keep trying to apply the principles I am learning to his diet as much as possible. I have managed fine except for a lot of headaches. I hope they will stop as I go into the second week. Zita’s recipes are delicious and I have learned to snack well. So far so good – can’t wait to see the results at the start of week 3.

Week 3

Weight: 73.3 kg

I can’t believe the difference in my skin already. Although I had some great success with using Carol’s Pink & Green for my skin, I can now clearly see that the bulk of my problem stems from what I put in my body and not what I put on it. It has become less work to follow the eating plan now as I have memories how to make the hulk juice as well as some of the recipes.  I did do something silly though, because the shopping list says that it will be the same for the first three weeks I went and did the same eating plan for week 1 and 2 only to discover that are even more yummy recipes for each week!  Silly me!  Despite this and the fact that I haven’t manage to quit coffee yet I am still losing weight. I only have one cup of coffee a day but I know it must go so will try again and hopefully won’t get too many more headaches.

Week 4

Weight: 73 kg

I expected to have put on weight this week as I wasn’t able to stick to the plan for a couple of days as I spent considerable time at the hospital waiting for my grandchild to be born!  It was very stressful and I ate from the hospital canteen. One particular day even ate cake!

I was considering starting from week 1 again but since I am still losing weight and an almost halfway there now I will keep going.

I found the first few weeks easier because I was told what to eat and when. Now that I have to think for myself I am finding it harder as it is very time consuming so tend to still eat week 1 recipes when I am pressed for time as I have them memorised now.

Week 5

Weight: 72.8 kg

Clearly I am not the shining light ambassador that I should be as I do sneak in a glass of wine but am still losing weight.  So what I did manage to do was keep up with my hulk juice every morning, eat eggs, spinach and Ryvita for breakfast every day and stick to the principles of dark green, protein and the right kind of carbs for the other meals. So even though I wasn’t able to stick to the eating plan I used the principles I have learned and managed to keep losing weight. But now I will try week 4 using the eating plan and getting a bit more exercise.

Week 6

Weight: 73 kg

Oh dear, it seems the failure of the past two weeks has caught up with me 🙁 I need to really focus now! I wonder if my increased exercise has cause this slight rise in my weight? They do say muscle is heavier than fat so that is what I am going to choose to believe! My goal weight is 65kg so I have a long way to go but am determined to do all I can in Zita’s Total Body Shape Up and then stick to the principles that I have learned about eating until I reach my goal weight.

Week 7

Weight: 73.4 kg

My weight is creeping up but I feel so much healthier, my skin and nails are much better and I am losing centimeters as my clothes are feeling looser. Not sure why my weight is on the rise but the next two weeks will be telling.

Zita said, ” As you build muscle through exercise your weight can increase but that’s a good thing as it raises your metabolism which burns the fat and drops the inches in your clothes ? ”

I found the first few weeks easier because I was told what to eat and when. Now that I have to think for myself I am finding it harder as it is very time consuming so tend to still eat week 1 recipes when I am pressed for time as I have them memorised now.

Week 8

Weight: 73 kg

I have found that certain times of my monthly cycle my weight goes up so I expected this week’s weigh in not to be my best week. I feel a definite change in my clothing and have lost cm. The main thing is that I feel much healthier and more equipped to eat in a better way. Many new habits, good habits, have been formed and I am pleased about that.

Moving forward I plan to stick to what I have learned and fully expect to keep slowly but surely getting in shape and losing any extra weight that still needs to be shed.


I am thrilled to be able to offer Zita’s Total Body Shape Up our official APPROVED stamp.  Very few business manage to attain this and even fewer manage to keep it. We do remove the APPROVED stamp if a business standards drop so you will see a few have been removed from last year already. So well done Zita for earning this honour.


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