York February Tribe Night – Mindset, Takeaways

“She Believed She Could, So She Did”

This was the presentation from our guest speaker Michelle Mook at this months Tribe night; our chapter was Mindset from our unique Success Story System©

Michelle talked about her journey from being an employee to setting up her business and employing a team; She talked about how she worked on her mindset through the challenges she overcame in her personal and work life. We talked together, sharing our experiences supporting each other’s journeys. There were several key points throughout the discussion, and there are:

Key Takeaways:

• Find purpose in what you do each day
• Remember the power of words, actions and your time on others
• Stop or catch your Inner Critic at work
• Know your strengths
• Understand your core values and who you are
• Create a Vision Board to set your invention for your mindset
• Step outside your comfort zone into the learning zone
• Focus on the things you can do something about
• Get exercise and make time outdoors
• Ask for feedback to build self-belief
• Practice mindfulness activities and create space to reflect
• Make time for reading, podcasts and journaling
• Make time for people, for fun and laughter
• Ask for help and support if you are struggling

“What are you going to do to be more of yourself with skill and a positive mindset?”

I love running our Tribe nights; the format works so well, we connect and get to know each other and their business or role, we have fabulous speakers based on our unique Success Story System©  There is time for small group chats to get to know each other better, sharing business ideas and supporting each other.

Would you like to join our community of like-minded supportive businesswomen?

Dates for your diary:
Tribe night:
Thursday 18th March 1930 to 2130 guest speaker for our March chapter is Work-Life Balance is  Mel Bligh 

Mocha morning: Wednesday 3rd March 0930 to 1030

Details and Tickets HERE

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