Why I LOVE Running a Mocha Morning

Real women and real connections! That’s what it’s all about. This morning was the first of many Mocha Mornings I will be running in York, it was so lovely to meet fellow business and career women from the area over a cuppa and to share stories, ideas and offer support to each other.

It was a really relaxed morning where I am sure there will be new collaborations and referrals amongst the ladies that attended.

Networking doesn’t have to be a scary place where you are on a pedestal, it can be a relaxed warm and friendly place just to meet new people and chat.

To run a mocha morning is just to show up once a month at a venue you want to work with and to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, it is such a rewarding role and one I would encourage others to give it a try if you don’t yet have anything in your area or don’t have much time to run something more this is the perfect gateway to expanding your own network and contacts.

BOOKING is open for future months so come try out mine or any others or to find out more about starting your own mocha morning click HERE




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