York March Work Life Balance Speaker

Join us on the 19h March at our York Tribe Night where we will be joined by Beth from The Creative Bloom who will be sharing her talk about The Work-Life Flow.

About the talk:

The Work-Life Flow

There is no getting away from the juggle.  Regardless of your home life and work situation, there is always a balancing act to contend with.    But I think it’s important to view it as something more organic, and ebb and flow that we have to ride, not juggling all the boys whilst riding a unicycle.  There are times when work needs more effort, there are times when home needs more. Learning to cope with this flow is so important in banishing the guilt and making the most efficient use of your work time and you home time.  I’ll be talking about some of the tools and techniques I use and teach to clients when work life balance needs a slight adjustment.


About Beth

I’m Beth Elsdon, owner of gift and lifestyle store Walter & May and founder, coach and campaign manager at The Creative Bloom.  I also design my own greetings card range, occasionally consider myself an artists and paint abstract art commissions and am also known as mummy to my 6yrs old and 9 year old little humans.  After 11 years in the corporate world, I took a leap of faith and set up on my own and got the business bug, so set up a few more! With so many work streams, the numerous hats to wear and a very busy home life, finding the balance has been probably the hardest but most important thing I have learnt on my business journey.


Facebook – @creativebloomcoaching

Instagram –  @the_creativebloom


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