The Importance of Sowing What You Wish to Receive

Join us on 18th June at our YORK tribe night where we will be joined by world traveller, coach and author Kristina Darby originally from Alabama she will be presenting her talk “The Importance of Sowing What You Wish to Receive” for this months theme GIVING.

To receive prosperity abundantly and live a life of abundance, we must sow abundantly.

Meet Kristina, me and other local businesswomen for our VIRTUAL networking event with this fantastic speaker, 1:1 breakout rooms and our popular wonderbra session (lifting and supporting each other!)


Kristina Darby, a world traveller, author, U.S veteran, and solution seeker. From Audra’s uterus by way of Montgomery, Alabama and chosen by Annette Love. Kristina wishes to provoke thought that inspires others to live a life unapologetically themselves for we are only here for approximately 40,000 short days.

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