York Virtual Tribe Night – April Confidence Month

We are excited to be joined on Thursday 16th April at 7.30pm by Sarah Nicholson from Explore Discover and she will be sharing her talk with us “Being Authentic gives you Core Confidence”


There are times in our lives when our confidence is shaken. Huge life changes such as redundancy, Covid-19 or bereavement can shake us to our core. I lost my confidence in January 2019, it just drained out of me, like a tap left open. In retrospect, I believe my midlife hormones were adjusting themselves. As I went through the process, it was very disorientating, especially as there seemed to be no external catalyst. I will share with you my strategy for reclaiming my core confidence and coming back stronger than ever.

We as a nation and individuals within it, are all going through a process together. We are feeling the ending or losing of our current routine, social inter-actions and possibly even our identity, due to Covid-19. Nothing will be quite the same. We slip into a period of reflection, between not being the old self and not being someone new. I hope to support you in this period to think about who you are and what you want in your life. You have the opportunity to create a new you and be confident in your new world.

A little about Sarah:

I am Sarah Nicholson, 1 : 1 coach, development and empowerment. I guide women to connect with their truth and joy. Enabling them to be confident, vibrant, creative and share their superpowers. Authentic, compassion, wisdom.

Through a mixture of flexible online courses, group development programmes and 1;1 coaching. I guide people through transformation, helping them align with their core purpose, release their fears and pursue a vibrant and joyful life full of adventure.


email info@explorediscover.me

Facebook @explorediscover.me

Instagram @explorediscover.me

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