Work From Home Without Procrastinating In 3 Easy Steps

When you finally hand in your letter of resignation and go it alone, becoming freelance and working from home, you may feel a mixture of joy, excitement and fear. Doing something new can be scary, but it can also be the most worthwhile chance that you ever take. Trying to make it in the world of business can be tough for a woman, especially if you are in a male dominated industry. Go it alone, and you are increasing these challenges ten fold. However, working from home is the easiest way to see your dreams of self employment turn into a reality. While procrastination may rear its ugly head, it is not a foregone conclusion. Take a look at how you can avoid the threat of procrastination.


Have A Work Day

Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean that you cannot structure your day as if you were heading into the office. A pajama day sounds great in theory but the chances are that you will end up on the sofa in front of the TV, watching just one more episode of the latest box set you are following before starting your work. Instead, set your alarm, get up, have a shower and get dressed. You don’t need to be suited and booted, but you do need to be out of your scruffs.

Have an office space away from the hub of the home. This way you can separate your home and work life more effectively. There will be less of a temptation to head downstairs or to listen to music. With your own office space you can knuckle down and get work done.

Get The Kit You Need

While working from home cuts down on your overheads, you shouldn’t be scrimping on other aspects of your new startup just to save a bit of cash. Have an inferior laptop that keeps dropping WiFi and you might be tempted to scroll through Facebook while you wait for it to reconnect. If you are working as a freelance blogger, ensure that you have paid for a decent WordPress platform to act as your online portfolio. If you are working in a design field, get yourself a workstation for 3d computer aided design to enhance your work, and inspire you to complete the tasks you have set. Without specific kit, you’ll be tempted to procrastinate and your work can be substandard compared to your rivals.


Get Outside

While it may sound counterintuitive to suggest heading outside on a workday, you’ll be surprised at how a short ten or fifteen minute walk during your workday can leave you refreshed and eager to get back to work. Getting outside will also clarify your thoughts and stop you from venturing onto Instagram to check up on those cute puppies that you adore. Vitamin D is necessary for good health, and those winter days may mean that you never see the light of day when you are at work. Get outside and change up your routine.

Procrastinating is a temptation that befalls every entrepreneur. Follow this guide and arm yourself with strategies to stop this happening.

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