Work From Home While Maintaining A Professional Image


Millions of people around the world have been forced to work from home in the last couple of months. You may love this, and you may hate it. If you do like it, then there’s every chance you might continue to work from home even when the world returns to normal. It’s a viable option, particularly for small business owners or freelancers. The only drawback of working from home is that you can lack a bit of professionalism. As such, this could have a bearing on your overall reputation and image. 

Have no fear, for there are a few smart things you can do to continue working from home while maintaining a professional image:


Acquire a virtual address

If you’re going to run your entire business from home, then this means you no longer need an office. That’s great as it saves so much cash every single month. The downside is that you don’t have a proper business address anymore. Thus, people may think you lack professionalism or authority. This is easily rectified with a virtual address. Effectively, you can take on the address of an office in a different location. The office can be in a busy business district, which means you have a premium address to slap on your website, business cards, etc. Instantly, your status has been raise – but you can still work entirely from home!


Hire out meeting rooms

In some instances, you will be forced to meet with clients face-to-face. Some meetings can be handled via video chats, but many of your clients may want to meet in person to discuss things. This is usually the case if you have specific things to discuss or items to show the client. Anyway, you can’t bring them to your home as this looks ridiculous. Instead, think about hiring meeting rooms whenever you need one. Loads of hotels have corporate meeting rooms that you can hire for a few hours, as do a lot of the places that you use as your virtual address. The beauty of this is that you can maintain a really professional appearance by meeting them in a corporate setting, but you don’t have to rent a whole office permanently. Just pay for the meeting space when you need it. 


Look professional in your calls

The previous two tips are ideal for when the lockdown measures ease and you run a company from home. This tip will also work then, but it’s very handy for anyone that’s forced to work from home right now. When you have video calls with clients, be sure to look the part. Dress smart and set a background behind you. There are loads of great Zoom backgrounds that can make you look far more professional on calls. It’s way better than having your messy room in the background. 

Just like that, you can run a business from home without damaging your reputation. If you prove to others that you’re a professional establishment, then they are far more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. This can help you reel in more clients and make more sales. 




Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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