Women’s Business Conference 2019 – Get more done!

Want to do more new business at events?  It’s simpler than you think…

The main objective of people attending conferences and expos is making new contacts and doing more business.  In our survey, 83% of respondents stated that doing more business was their primary objective in attending.

But here is the thing.  Most people do not follow up their new leads from events.  Business cards remain in pockets.  Emails stay unwritten.  Phone calls are not made.  In the same survey, 72% said they follow up poorly or could do better.

And one thing is certain: without follow up activity, new business will not be done.

evhop at Women's Business Conference

The people reporting most success at events do some simple things which have a disproportionately high impact:

Even small preparations count

Simply knowing who is speaking and which businesses are exhibiting makes a difference.  Researching who is there, and making a plan of your priority exhibitors, increases your chances of success.  You will also be better prepared for more useful conversations on the day itself.

Write an immediate note

Conferences are an awesome place for face to face interactions with others.  However, a week later, how many times have you stared at a business card and had no memory?  Cognitive research shows that simply writing something down-even just a couple of words-makes huge differences in our ability to recall the conversation later.

Everything in one place

Similarly, keeping all your notes, business cards and brochures in one place has a major impact on our propensity to follow up after the event.  Knowing all the required information to action new leads is in one place means a higher likelihood it will happen.

Do something

The first step is often the hardest.  But once you have started, chances of positive outcomes from your conversations immediately increase.  Make a quick note on the back of a business card or put time in the diary to complete an action.  Just do something-it will help enormously.

Progress in a click

Completing follow up actions after events can be boring, messy and time consuming.  But necessary.

evhop is designed specifically to provide a solution.  It is a free, simple app for participants to achieve more from events.  Follow up actions get done-instead of hanging over your head!

We are thrilled that evhop will be available for all participants at the Conference on Wednesday 4th December.

Want to see how evhop can help you?  Check out this short video of evhop in action:


And you can download it now from your App and Play stores!

Remember: “The fortune is in the follow up”!

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