The Woman Behind The Business – Lady Wimbledon Injects Personality into the Brand

Lady Wimbledon makes an impact – Bombshell MD Sandra Nardi injects personality into the brand.

Who is Lady Wimbledon?

My alter ego! Ha! As MD of Bombshell Consultancy Ltd, which is a PR Company dedicated to mixing traditional PR with social and digital media, I learnt very quickly that every business needs a front man or woman to be the interface. Ironically @LadyWimbledon is so popular on twitter that its racing @bombconsultancy to 8,000 followers.

What does Lady Wimbledon do when the hat is off?

Like all busy women, metaphorically we always wear different hats for different occasions. From the school run, to meetings, to the Zoo, ladies lunch, networking, to the cleaning! I may physically place my hat back on the stand in the hallway when I get home, but a woman’s work is never done and I celebrate all the different roles I can play in each and every day.

Tell us about Bombshell?

Bombshell Consultancy Ltd was born from a simple need to make an impact on Brands we felt an affiliation with. Our strategy is simple. Let’s create a buzz about your brand and amplify that on social media. We love nothing more than holding an event which we capture on camera to generate SEO to the client’s website and create revenue. Let’s coin it as ‘intelligent Social Media’ with purposeful outcome.

Your business is still very new, have you made any big mistakes yet and how did you deal with them?

It’s incredible what we have achieved in such a short space of time. With a wealth of clients, I’ve made some snap decisions based on my gut. Sadly they were based on trust rather than contracts. I took a much needed half term holiday with my three young children but my time with them was ruined when a client saw the opportunity to suck the life out of my team and then refuse to pay! I’ve had to let the incident go as I’m a big believer in Karma! However, we now have a much tighter procedure with contracts so as my PA often reminds me, lesson learnt!

Tell us about three people you admire and how have they influenced you?

There is only one man that has had such a profound impact on me. My father was such a charismatic man. He always had time for people. To be honest, he only had time for people he could laugh and smile with but that was his charm. He always had a story and it always ended in tears of laughter from all around. If there was an occasion – be it birthday, Christmas or Easter, it would be momentous! Life was made for celebrating the good times and I know how proud he would be that his ethos is played out in Bombshell events. If you have a product or service that is worth shouting about. Believe me, I will climb to the rooftops and dance with you so everyone can hear.

“A woman’s work is never done and I celebrate all the different roles I can play in each and every day.” – Lady Wimbledon  Tweet This!

What’s next for Lady Wimbledon and Bombshell?

Lady Wimbledon is having a lot of fun fulfilling her mission statement.

“Love, life, wit, charm, business acumen, sincerity & connecting good people with good people”

It’s important for me to grow Bombshell from my personal network of followers and clients. Every day, I’m connecting to a wealth of incredibly talented and driven women who want to grow their business and cut through the noise of social media.

There is no momentous goal. The joy is in the journey of supporting start ups, SME’s and building Bombshell’s network so we can amplify our campaigns and work together whilst having some fun along the way. 

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