Wimbledon February “Developing Your Marketing Mindset”

We are excited to be joined next week on Wednesday 12th February at our Wimbledon Women’s Business Lunch by Get Fruitful marketing who will be presenting a talk around “Developing Your Marketing Mindset”

Developing your Marketing Mindset to Increase Income and Impact

Whether you’re just starting out in business and need to land your first client, or you’re running a more established company and want a more steady or valuable pipeline of new customers, you need marketing that delivers.

Before you make decisions about the best tactics to invest in, you need to develop a strategy, and before that, you need the right mindset.

In this presentation, Anwen will share some top tips and insights to transform the way you think about marketing. You will leave feeling more empowered to generate the volume and value of sales you seek while serving the people you really want to reach.


About Anwen Cooper and Get Fruitful Marketing

Anwen Cooper is a Brand and Marketing Strategist and Director of Get Fruitful Marketing. Based on 20 years marketing experience gained working with more than 100 different organisations, Anwen has created a tried-and-tested methodology to help realise your potential to grow a more passion-fuelled, principled and profitable business. She is the author of Get Fruitful Marketing – The Playbook and leads Seeds to Success, an online programme for small business owners. You can find out more and get fruitful marketing insights via the blog at www.getfruitfulmarketing.com, join Anwen’s free Facebook group for ongoing support www.facebook.com/groups/thefruitfulplayground and follow on Twitter @getfruitfulnow. 


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