Why You Should Provide An Exceptional Experience For Your Employees And Your Customers

Many entrepreneurs become bogged down in the detail when constructing their business vision. They become hung up on their funding sources, financial projections, mitigating risks and ensuring that all of their money worries are addressed. While this should take up a major chunk of your initial thought process, it’s vital that you use some of your acumen to focus on other aspects of your startup. The ethos of your newly formed company will dictate how your startup operates. Without paying enough attention to your values and aims as a business, you can quickly lose your way.

For many small businesses, it is the thought of being able to compete with their already long established rivals that fills them with dread. You will need to find your place within your chosen industry sector quickly. The easiest way to do this is by offering something new and unique. Rather than this simply being a different product or an original service, consider how your business might act differently. This begins with the experience you strive to provide both your employees and your customers.


When considering your potential target market, consider what it is they want from you, your service or your product. Just because you produce the most incredible custom made tee shirts, this doesn’t mean that you will automatically receive orders if your rival is providing an inferior product cheaper and with a more efficient supply chain in place. Your customers need to know what your company and your product is all about.

This is where social media comes into its own. As a newly formed enterprise, it’s vital that you can harness the power of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use these channels to show off your wares and demonstrate just how unique you are. Instagram is the best tool to display your items visually and generate an online buzz. Make sure you link to relevant and readable content and drive traffic towards your website. You may choose to write your own blog and utilise this as another channel through which to bring traffic to your sales pages. By providing the customer with a pleasant and intuitive online experience, you are filling them with confidence when they come to place an order.

It’s important that you take the stance of under promising and over delivering. This nifty little illusion enables your customers to feel overjoyed at the deal and experience that you have presented them with. If you know that you can get the new hydraulic ball bearing to a customer in two days, state that you will have it delivered in three. You might even choose to use a same day courier to accommodate your customer’s needs.

This not only gives you a bit of a shipping cushion but it also allows you to get the product on the customer’s doorstep a day early. This leaves them feeling like you have gone the extra mile, when really you have just been following your dispatch procedure. By doing something as simple as this, you can garner positive feedback on highly regarded review sites. This means more potential customers will be inclined to place an order with you if they know that you value customer service so highly.


Your employees are the cogs of your entrepreneurial machine. Just because you have obtained their services, doesn’t mean you can leave them to their own devices and expect them to give a hundred percent effort to your business. You need to foster a culture of respect, hard work and productivity.

To achieve this, you need to put yourself in your staff members shoes. What is it that will make them excited to get up on a Monday morning and combat the long commute to work? Beige tiles and chipped magnolia walls with row upon row of desktop computer booths simply won’t cut it. You may end up with a high turnover of staff and a fragmentation in work practices leading to poor performance and low staff morale. Who knew the office decor was so important? But it is.

Instead, whip out the white paint, install some greenery here and there, get some local artwork or photography up on the walls, buy in some new laptops and foster collaborative working with some team pods for meetings and discussions. Your mission is to make your employees feel valued. If you can do this, they will buy into your business vision more readily and be more productive.

The key is making your employees care about their job. This is no easy task when the nine to five can be a little boring, and the stress of meeting deadlines looms. Make sure that you hold a Monday morning briefing every week and give your staff team the chance to air their opinions. Listen to them and make notes rather than just paying lip service to their views.

Send out an email every week and namecheck those individuals who have worked really hard or achieved something exceptional. There’s nothing worse than working for a company and never hearing anything from the top. Be a present boss and communicate with your team. Get to know them in a meaningful way. While you won’t want to know the ins and outs of Marion’s divorce, the fact that you know that she is in the process of going through this will help you understand why she might be a bit off key or down. Caring for your staff is vital if you want to be a decent employer, and you want to retain the brightest candidates. The pastoral element of a company is often overlooked in a business vision. However, if you pay it enough attention, you could end up with a long standing, cohesive and exceptionally productive team, leading to a more profitable and successful business.

While your finances, cash flow and funding are critical to the success of your business, so is your customer service and employees’ experiences. Pay this enough attention, and your startup will be more likely to succeed and compete with well established rivals.

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