Why You Should Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help In Business

Many business owners fear asking for help.


In some cases, they might have issues around control, and a reluctance to trust other people’s opinions or talents.

In other cases, they might be afraid to lose face in front of others by appearing weak and needy.

And to be honest, we can understand this fear. However, it’s important to think of the benefits. Asking for help isn’t always a bad thing; in fact, it could make or break a business.

Should you run your own business then, here are some of the reasons why you should ask for help occasionally.

You can’t do everything

We’re sure you’re wonderful, super-talented, and equipped to carry out most of what your business requires. However, you will have weaknesses. We all do! With this in mind then, you should ask others to help you, be that from within your own team or through an outsourced firm. You see, if you try and do everything yourself, including those tasks you are weakest in, you might only waste time and struggle to produce quality work. This isn’t good for business when you have clients, customers, and employees depending on you.

You don’t have time to do everything

Unless you want to take work home with you of an evening, you really should consider delegating some of your most time-consuming tasks. We are thinking of accounting, for example, which can be a real bind for many business owners. By hiring a specialist member of staff or by outsourcing to firms such as QAccounting, you can free up your time to take on those tasks that you are better equipped to handle. This way, you will work more productively, and get more of your to-do list done because you aren’t stuck at work doing overtime because (and considering the example we are using) you are still struggling to sort out your taxes. You will also reduce the chances of burnout, so let your health be another incentive to ask for help.

You will gain new perspectives

Sure, you could work in the same way as you have always done, but what if somebody has greater insight than you do? What if one of your employees has creative ideas that you have never considered? You would never know if you didn’t ask, so don’t be afraid to ask for help in coming up with new ideas and strategies for your business. You might miss out on vital sources of wisdom otherwise, and that could ultimately be a detriment to your business.

You will help others

Even if you are Wonder Woman in all but name, and even if you don’t need any help at all, it is still worth asking for help because you might benefit others. We are thinking about your employees specifically. By asking them for help, you might instill confidence in them, and that could greatly improve their morale in the workplace. Consequently, they will feel appreciated and thus work more productively, and that is good news for them, you,  and your business.

And so…

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. In many ways, it’s good for business, so rather than thinking of it as a weakness, consider the benefits we have presented here. Sure, there is the risk that you might lose face, and the people you ask for help may not always have the right answers, but some risks are worth taking. Think about this today, and if you know you need or should ask for help, then do so.

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