Why Twenty?

Women's Business Networking EventsHave you ever wondered why the cut off number for our Connect Business Lunch is twenty? In some cases, you may be attending networking events that attract hundreds but we cut off at twenty per event intentionally.  Let me tell you why. Firstly, we have found that no matter what the size of the group you usually only manage maximum 3 quality connections. It’s easy to swap many business cards but it is the quality connections that are the most valuable and more likely to bring in business. Secondly, we have found that people bond better in smaller groups and loyalty is formed in this setting. Bonding and loyalty always produce better business relationships and quality referrals. Thirdly, we have found that everyone gets a turn to talk and to be known a little around a table of twenty.  Through some experimentation, we have found 20 to be the optimum number. 30 has been too much and although any group as low as six can work it does tend to be rather awkward. So in a nutshell, through our experience and experimentation at Women’s Business Club, we have found 20 to be the perfect number for our Connect Business Lunches. I hope to see you at one of our lunches so you can experience this for yourself.  All the dates and locations can be found at www.connect.womensbusiness.club  

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