Why finding sales leads is so tough and how to win 10 times more

This January, a colleague of mine ran a client survey to find out what worries businesses the most.

The most frequent reply was:
“We can’t grow the business until we can scale up our leads.”

How true!

I see business people busily digging for more leads. Yet, better than ‘some more leads’ would you like to turn your business into a sales magnet? You can create mechanisms that multiply your sales, regularly delivering a mass of good quality sales opportunities.

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Convert your business into a sales magnet
These sales ‘magnetisers’ take a bit of time but, once they are set up, you will see all that wonderful business arrive. You will be able to choose the work you most enjoy at the rates you most want. Your competition will wonder how you left them so far behind.

Today I will explain how to create a sales funnel to focus your efforts like a laser.

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Begin with the end in mind
Start by working out how much business you want to win, ensuring the objective inspires you. For example, win 10 clients that each spend an average of £20k by end of December.

“Working out exactly how many leads and how many prospect meetings etc. you need each month multiplies sales like a charm.”

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Create a sales funnel
Draw a simple funnel on an A4 sheet – with a wide neck,
narrowing down towards the bottom. Write in your objective to the left of the narrow end of the funnel.

Now work out what the main stages of each sale will be. For example, one colleague of mine:

  • Pinpoints prospects which need her company’s services
  • Sets up a meeting with them
  • Follows up regularly to build a relationship until they are ready to choose a supplier

In my business we:

  • Use networking and speaking to meet relevant target prospects
  • Use the resulting mailing list of 750 target prospects, who asked to hear from us, sending them useful articles, hand written notes with information we think they may find interesting etc.
  • When the time is right we ask to meet and discuss their needs

Both of these growth strategies are extremely successful.

So put yourself in your customers’ shoes. They need your help, so which steps will lead them to choose you.

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Make the numbers work for you
Now the fun starts, where you can make the numbers real for your business.

On average it takes 3 prospect meetings to win each project. So, in our example, to win10 contracts, you need 30 prospect meetings per annum (7 -8/ quarter or 2-3/ month)

What will you do to generate prospect meetings? If you do not already have a mailing list , how can you start things moving? Work it through each stage, pinpointing exactly which numbers you will aim for.

Now write in these numbers on the left hand side of your funnel – spacing them out up to the top of the funnel.

Visualise the result to lock it in
Now spend some time imagining how great it will feel when you are regularly bringing in this number of leads and business. How will you feel? How proud will you be? What difference will it make to your business and your life?

Track your progress
Finally set up a board in your office and plot the numbers you will reach each week for the next 2 -3 months month. Make sure you’re clear how you will reach those numbers.

Wonderful. You did it. So what are you waiting for? Start now and, in no time, you’ll have many more clients!

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