What’s stopping you from reaching your goals?

Achieve your goals by figuring out what your subconscious is telling you! Delete those limiting beliefs! #thelifebuddy

Achieve your goals by figuring out what your subconscious is telling you! Delete those limiting beliefs! #thelifebuddy

So you made the decision, your goal is in place, you’ve been working towards it, you’ve made it SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Rewarding & Trackable) but somehow your progress is slow, if not stunted completely!

You start to question why it’s not working… ‘Did I not want this bad enough?’, ‘Why am I not being more disciplined in taking action on the steps towards this goal?’ or you are just simply dumfounded as to why it’s not happening.

Usually the reasons for this are in disguise as limiting beliefs. These crafty mind blockers are well versed in sabotaging your plans. You see it doesn’t matter how much we think consciously about a new goal or a new idea if we don’t deal with the brains core processor (the subconscious mind or paradigm) it will override every good idea we have.

These limiting beliefs are picked up from childhood and onwards and have formed our life so far. They can read like ‘As a woman I am not able to be the main earner.’, ‘What I can offer is not valued.’, ‘I don’t know enough to make this a success.’, ‘I should not be charging for what I offer as people ‘need’ my help.’, ‘I’m too old to start making a change now.’. The list is endless and you might read them and think rationally, ‘I know these statements not to be true’, but is your subconscious on the same wave length? If you’re unable to reach a goal and you are self-sabotaging, usually not.

How do we find these hidden beliefs and how do we get rid of them? A simple way to uncover them is to say ‘I can’t do x because…’; you may need to do this exercise again and again until you uncover the real issue. But sometimes when you think you’ve got the limiting belief uncovered there are other more stronger ones hiding. This is where a life coach can really help you uncover them and help you rid yourself of these debilitating beliefs that sell you short of your endless potential. Your brain is a complex thing but it CAN be tamed with the right work.

Step 1. Uncover your limiting belief. This is half the battle; you may find you have to dig deep to work this out.

Step 2. Make a real decision to achieve the goal and rid yourself of the belief, regardless of the work involved.

Step 3. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Override this belief with positive affirmations and plunge forward with utter belief and conviction. Visualise yourself as if you’ve achieved your goal – how do you feel, what will you be doing?

(Read last issue of Women’s Business Magazine Spring 2016 or visit the WBC blog, where I show you how to form and use positive affirmations.)

Step 4. Use your affirmations and visualisation EVERY DAY without fail. You are never done. It is a life time commitment to self-improvement. Just like you have a lifetime commitment to keeping yourself clean – taking a shower every day, it’s not as hard as it first might seem.


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