What You Should Look For When Hiring Post-Pandemic

When this pandemic is all but over, then we will see a hiring surge. The industries that have suffered a lot will eventually get up and start to look lively once more. We will see a great fight for professionals as businesses that cut their workforces try to make up the numbers again. As a female leader, you will be wondering how you can beat the competition to the punch. Planning is something that comes naturally to many leaders, but when it comes to people management, hiring and being good judges of character, then it becomes a little murky. So here are some things that you can do when hiring post-pandemic.



Adaptive remote worker

Working from home has not come easy. Don’t ever think that it has! For millions of workers, they have had to build a brand new home office, they have had to adapt to new technologies like conference calling, they have also had to adapt to a new schedule, etc. These things have been a challenge to so many of us, and so, anyone who has demonstrated working from home in a good light, should be respected for it. So when it comes to hiring, you should ask your candidates how they feel about remote working, and what they got up to? It will also show how they got on, working by themselves without a boss to peer over their shoulder. Self-determination, organization and motivation are all things that we have had to bolster while working remotely.


Targeted hiring

Maybe you don’t want to go through the hiring process yourself. Post-pandemic, you just want to focus on growing and filling roles that aren’t new to your organization, they just need someone to fill that seat! Then you should consider going the targeted hiring route, with Fixed fee recruitment. Normally, when you are hiring someone based on a salary of $40,000, you would have to pay a fee of 10-20%. This is when you make a hiring decision. This is just the ‘finding fee’. However, if you don’t fill that vacancy, the recruiter will still charge you the fee. But this company will not! So only if you make a hiring worth that salary, then you will pay the fee. So you can save a lot of time, get more choice and not always be in fear of paying a high finding fee.



Remote interviews

Rather than meeting people in person for interviews, you should try interviewing them over a conference call software. It’s going to become the norm anyway, as Zoom calls have shown us all that it’s very possible. And with great cameras, it’s quite clearly not that bad regarding human eye contact and the presence of another person being something candidates can feel during the interview. Many of us feel more comfortable talking remotely instead of coming in for a meeting in a room and building we’ve never been in before. 

Hiring post-pandemic is going to change but not drastically. These are some of the things you should be considering changing for your hiring process. Are you ready?



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