What is Your Business Communicating Subconsciously?

Photo by Fox from Pexels

Your business marketing communications are entirely within your control but what you might not realise is that you are telling your customers a lot with what you do too. How your business behaves and everything you do gives an impression. So, even if you are talking the talk about your environmental practices, if you aren’t walking the walk too, your message isn’t going to get across.

When you are promoting your business, it’s easy to get caught up in figuring out what your customers want to hear without actually backing it up with positive actions. But it’s what you do that really counts so, here’s where you should start. 

Sort Your Environmental Priorities

How you treat the environment is now your top priority. Sustainability is becoming a competitive necessity in most industries and many customers are making choices between brands based on their understanding of their environmental impact and priorities. This means that even if you don’t think your business has anything to do with the environment, you must think again, because, honestly, every business has some impact. 

Let’s take waste as a prime example. The vast majority of businesses produce some waste but most don’t really think about how they deal with it. Rubbish removal might not be the most attractive subject but doing this task safely and in an environmentally friendly way is essential. You should also consider recycling more, reducing waste, reducing energy consumption and switching energy providers who are divested from fossil fuels. 

Work on Customer Service 

Customer service is the first port of call for all customers. This is why it is so important – whoever answers the phone or responds to an instant message is representing the brand and often presents the first impression. You must ensure that customer service reflects your brand perfectly. 

Good customer service is always about listening and responding. Even when your customers have a complaint, this is a chance to make it up to them and figure out a way for both parties to come out feeling good. Poor customer service always has a huge impact and is the fastest way to lose customers – even when you have an excellent product and a brilliant brand. 

Consider the Good You Can Do

Corporate responsibility is gaining traction in business and it definitely pays off to get involved. While your environmental efforts certainly count, you should also look into how your business affects the local economy and what else you could be doing to benefit the community. However, do be warned that any disingenuous campaigns can do significant damage – for a corporate campaign to work, it has to be relevant, useful and genuine. 

Choose a cause that is relevant to your brand and then decide how you are going to approach it. You might go for a simple awareness campaign or perhaps you could support a charity already doing the work you have in mind. Whatever you do, don’t just do it for the marketing – make it worthwhile for everyone and do your best. 

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