What Is Bulk Texting And How Is It Used In Business


Business owners, companies, firms, and any form of established enterprise need customers and clients to function, make sales, and grow. Customers are the heart of any business; without them, any business will remain stagnant, financially unstable, and eventually die. However, it isn’t enough to just acquire customers. More importantly, these customers need relevant information and regular updates to keep coming back. This information can be in the form of reminders on opening and closing time, products available, contact address, or even delivery charges.

There are different ways a business can share information and keep their customers constantly updated. The internet is a huge platform that most business owners are using to promote their business. But apart from the internet, there’s also bulk texting.


What Is Bulk Texting? 

If you’re not familiar with the concept of bulk texting, it’s probably because you’re just beginning your cell phone service experience. You may have seen ads for the services offered by some bulk text companies but may be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Bulk texting is a simple and easy way of passing relevant and composed information through texting or SMS, meaning mobile messaging to many people at once. It’s also the easiest and most unique platform capable of reaching customers on a cost-efficient level since, fortunately, people are always attached to their mobile devices. 

This method is also used for other purposes by companies, banks, and even brands to engage customers, minimize opt-outs, and save business time for other essential things. Besides, bulk texting has proven to be a more convenient method to reach people with minimal effort, especially those who don’t frequently check the internet. 

When people or companies opt for the bulk SMS to communicate with their customers, it may be hard to distinguish between the business line and a main or personal line if there wasn’t an already existing phone majorly for business. There’s also the problem that arises in case the business phone gets lost; this is why some business owners use a single device for personal and business use. 

If you fall into this category or you’ve been having this problem, or maybe you want to synchronize your bulk texting with your company line, companies like Call Cowboy may be the solution you need. With their Call Cowboy Auto Dialer app, you can successfully automate cold calls, track calls and send bulk SMS. Similar services from other companies could keep your business and personal lives separate. 


Who Can Use Bulk Texting? 

Bulk texting isn’t just for business. You can use it whenever you need to send information to a broad audience at once. Those who may benefit from using bulk texting include—but aren’t limited to—media outlets, insurers, retailers, stockbrokers, real estate owners, hotels and resorts, large club members, banks, travel agencies, automobile dealers, event managers, educators, healthcare providers, and large consumer websites. 


How Do I Use Bulk Texting In My Business? 

Now that you know what bulk texting is and how it works, you might be wondering how to implement it in your business.

Many huge brands and enterprises have used this method of communication to create awareness and improve sales; you can also be a part of this movement. The reason why so many businesses like to send messages to unknown numbers is that the results are often more rewarding than actually speaking with the person on the other end of the line. And of course, bulk texting helps you reach larger audiences at once!

Using bulk texting for your business is relatively fast and straightforward once you know the kind of information you want to pass to your clients. But not to worry, you can follow the simple process below if you’re still confused about how to use bulk texting. 

  • Select A Bulk SMS Provider

The first thing to do is to look for an efficient bulk texting service provider. You’ll need to find a company that can handle your target number of recipients. It’s also better to ask if there are any legal issues or concerns you need to know and the company’s plan to avoid such situations. If the service provider can’t guarantee a legal operation, you should move on to a better one whose methods are both effective and safe. 

  • Integrate The Service Provider To Your Business

You’ll need to integrate the bulk texting system with your business website to ensure a smooth operation. If there are any problems at this stage, you’ll need to address before continuing. Once integrated, you should run a sample before sending the first text to your customers. Doing this will help you see if any areas need improvements and give you the chance to correct them before sending your first text. 

  • Create A Text List

This is the list that has the contacts of people you want to message. Creating a contact list is one of the most crucial stages, so you have to do it well. While it might take a while to create a complete one, the time spent will be worth it. You can also use apps that can create a well-organized list. Whatever method you choose, always make sure you add people interested in seeing what you have to offer.

  • Create Your Message

You’ll need to fund your wallet to start creating and sending messages, so do that first. Creating a message is perhaps the most important action you’ll have to do when using bulk texting for business since you have to craft a powerful message that’s concise and precise. 

If you’re not sure about your ability to craft such statements, you can use text message marketing software to develop messages that will get the attention you desire. As you write your message, don’t forget to add a personal touch that can help develop a connection to your customers and build stronger relationships. 

  • Add Value 

Always ensure that each text sent has value. This keeps your customers coming and also make them look forward to receiving your messages, ensuring brand loyalty. Besides, adding value to bulk texting also ensures that fewer people opt out of the platform. This is aside from making the customer feel appreciated and valued. 

 There are several ways you can add value to your messages. For instance, you can give customers who’ve been consistent with feedback special discounts or create a loyalty program that allows them to build points for rewards. 

  • Add The CTA

If you’re using bulk texting for business, it’s better to add a call to action or CTA. You may be wondering how a CTA fits if the goal is to make the message concise and precise. Eventually, you will figure out a way to incorporate both without making it too long and boring. Adding CTAs help get your customers to take action. So, adding them to your texts would be a smart way of increasing sales and ROI. 

  • Send Message

Once everything is set, it’s time to send the message. Once you press send, it automatically releases your statement to all the contacts on the list you created. This method is suitable for people who want to send bulk SMS to customers themselves. In addition, you also have the fantastic option of using a bulk SMS software or application to do the work for you. There are standby applications for this, such as a mass text app that’s used to send bulk SMS. 

 Make sure the first release includes why you’re sending the message, and of course, it should be stated politely. Also important is understanding timing. Knowing when to release messages to your audience can help maximize reception, influencing the amount of positive feedback you receive. Besides, good timing also adds value to your messages, and your audience won’t likely see it as spam texts. Although it’s nearly impossible to get the timing right all the time, studying your audience trends and patterns can help with future assumptions. 


Ways You Can Use Bulk Texting for Your Business

Bulk texting is a very powerful tool that you can use to market your business. Some of the ways you can use it to promote your business include: 

  • Send Reminders: Customers today need fast information about the business and services they patronize. Sending them reminders about relevant information can help improve your relationship with your consumers.
  • Send Updates: Bulk texting is a good tool to keep your customers and partners updated on important things. This will make them feel valuable, and they’d appreciate you for keeping them in the loop. 
  • Alert Customers: Bulk texting is one of the fastest and easiest ways to alert your customers of any inconveniences that can create misunderstanding and harm your brand’s image. Doing this will help your customers trust your brand more. 
  • Marketing Products: You can also use bulk texting to market your new products or services. Incorporating SMS as part of your business communication strategy can complement your other marketing tools to increase sales. For instance, you can use bulk texting to immediately message people who visit your store to alert them of new specials and discount offers. You can then ask if they’d like to join your marketing list.



If you’re looking for a more accessible avenue to grow your business and get information across faster to your large group of clients, employees, or even club members, you should make use of bulk texting. 

With bulk texting, business owners and employers can guarantee that relevant information reaches specific customers at the same time. Business owners can also use it to send reminders and updates, acting as a marketing tool for their businesses. However, when using bulk texting, you shouldn’t forget to keep the message precise. Avoid loading the text with unnecessary information that will be considered spam. 



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