What Does a Full Stack PHP Developer Do?

When it comes to your companies website or apps, are you getting the right people in for the job?

You may have heard of the job title ‘full stack PHP developer’ and it may have gone completely over your head. This strange combination of words may seem meaningless to you, even if you are a little bit technical minded. Well, you may need a full stack PHP developer right now, and you may not even know it.

So what exactly does a full stack PHP developer do?

Put simply, a full stack PHP developer is someone that can develop both client and server software. This means that they will work on both the front and the back end of an app or website. This means that they can tackle projects including building user-facing websites.

They will be familiar with a wide range of different programming languages and will have a great deal of skill in several key areas.

While a web developer may be confident working with languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git and GitHub as well as a range of backend languages, they will also be fluent in database storage and have some basic design skills at their disposal. All in all, they are technical all-rounders.

To let you know a little bit more about what a full stack PHP developer could do for you and your business’ website and app, we have an infographic that will tell you much more. Check it out below.

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