How to Wear a Hat? – Tricia Hamilton

Hat maker Tricia Hamilton shares some top tips on ‘How To Wear A Hat’.

Tricia is an exciting designer specialising in bespoke fascinators, hats and other accessories to suit your needs and special occasions.

When is a hat, more than a hat? A hat makes a statement. It creates a new silhouette for you. This gives your exterior identity a special image. In order to work, it needs to align your inner personality. This interface can leave people with mixed emotions towards the headwear in question.

Everyone can wear a hat or fascinator. The hard part is to find the one that adds to our appearance. Most of us try on a hat as we walk past it in a department store. In ten seconds, we decline the object perched on our head. So often this is repeated throughout our lives and we decide that hats don’t suit us. I will take through the steps to dispel these beliefs and guide you towards a clear goal.

Colour is key. As with clothes, certain colours work for our skin tone, hair colour and body image. When we find the exact shade, our search is moving in a precise direction. A hat offers an opportunity to change our silhouette with a dramatic shape.

The next consideration is the shape of the hat or head piece. Only one head shape suits a hat. One in five of the population have oval heads with symmetric faces. These are our friends that suit hats. The rest of us have to to create a unique position for our hat at the best angle for our shape and size. Most heads suit an asymmetric look.

“Colour is key. As with clothes, certain colours work for our skin tone, hair colour and body image. When we find the exact shade, our search is moving in a precise direction.”  Tweet This!

Facets of a headpiece can be found on close inspection. Every element reflects an eye for detail. A flourish of feathers, beads bursting like fireworks, twists and turns in a fabric all add drama to a piece. Do not underestimate the effect of this in the overall picture.

A Bespoke Hat is so much more than it sounds. These creations reflect thought and style from the wearer. A planned image is the goal. Each feature is chosen to make up the whole image and compliment the customer’s ideas.

Owning a hat or fascinator is not the end of the story. Combining your outfit with your hat is a skill. I suggest looking at your planned combination in daylight as the colours need to match or tone. Pigments can vary. True light is the best time to reflect on your choices. I advise that you get out your shoes and handbag too. A strong contrast is better than a poor match in my opinion.

Now you have everything at your fingertips. The hat will need to be ‘worked’. Remember only a small number of people can just put the hat on straight on their heads and it looks good. The rest of us can wear our hats at an angle, tipped or moved to that place on our heads that is ‘just right’, showing that the wearer is in charge of their image.

Remember, ‘If the hat fits…..’ think about your next step, enjoy wearing your unique hat for that special occasion.

Tricia Designs has a wide variety of hats and Fascinators in stock and can take orders over the phone or via Skype. A number of pieces have already been bought for Cheltenham Ladies Day.

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