Ways to Make Your PR Team More Effective


Besides the people that actually get to interact with customers on a daily basis, your PR team shapes the perception people have of your business. That makes them one of the most important fixtures in your company. Needless to say, if they are not pulling their weight, you’ll have a hard time reaching your full business potential. Whether you work at a full-fledged PR firm or you work in the PR division of your company, certain things need to be put in place toward effectiveness and efficiency. With that in mind, here are a few ways to make your PR team more effective. 


Get Them the Right Tools and Tech

It can’t be said enough, every workman is only as good as their tools. Gone are the days that it only took good pitches, leg work, and word of mouth to get the right message out. Technology has really changed the face of public relations as we know it. So, you need to ensure that your team has the right tools to boost them. The keywords here are ‘the right tools’; don’t go ballistic acquiring everything and anything in sight. 

Look for areas where the team is often found wanting and find tools or tech that can help them out there. In fact, there’s a long list of tools you can leverage to take your PR game to a whole new level. In addition to all this, it’s increasingly important that you never underestimate the power of social media. 

At the end of the day, any processes you don’t make more efficient will end up hindering creativity. So, try to get ahead of that. 


Communication is Key

There’s a lot of things that can slow down productivity in your business, lack of communication is one of them. Going in, you need to first lay down some expectations; what do you want to be updated on? How often should this communication happen? Once you lay down the rules, you need to be quite clear and concise in your communication. If a team member does not understand what is expected of them, then delivery will probably be subpar or completely off-point. 

It’s also a good idea to leverage technology to help make communication easier. Platforms like Skype for business, Slack, and even Zoom can go a long way to help keep the information flowing. Once all channels of communication are set up and put in place, also make sure you give room for feedback. After all, if the people the processes were made for cannot cope with them, there’s no need to keep using them.


Optimize the Work Environment

Everything in your office from its set up to its design can affect your team’s productivity. Based on that alone, you should not skimp on that aspect. There are so many things in the workplace that can either distract your team or completely hinder productivity. 

First of all, look at the layout, is it practical and safe? Also, is it clean? If it’s neither of those, then it could seriously affect your team in the wrong way. When having your team meetings, how is the space set up? Do people have to huddle in corners or does everyone have space? Think about that.

Also, look into things like lighting and temperature, you’ll be surprised as to how much they can make everything better. A well-lit office space makes for a more alert employee. Similarly, the temperature is important, whether you are using an HVAC or processed water cooled chillers, make sure the settings favor everyone. If half your team is about to suffer heatstroke, then you’ll probably not get the best out of them.


Don’t Be Frugal With Information

In every line of work, information is key, especially when it comes to PR. Public relations is all about being responsive, the only way everyone can be on their toes is if they are in the loop. They all need to be equipped to play their part properly, set up different means for each person to get the information they need to work. For this, you can leverage technology such as the cloud and other information-sharing platforms.

For when the team leader is not around, there should equally be a point of reference for them. It could be a website, it could be a digital directory, anything you can muster up. At the end of the day, good old fashioned meetings are a great way to keep everyone in the loop. It also gives team members a chance to exchange ideas and spur some new ideas. Altogether, you need to ensure that all the information they need to operate is made accessible.


Be Open to Feedback

There is truly no ‘I’ in a team, so if you are the team leader, you need to ensure that you hear the voices of your team members. Not every idea or comment will be gold, but if you shut down avenues for feedback, your team members will not feel free to express themselves. Having an open-door policy is paramount because you never know who will come to you with a killer idea.

Even more, if they have valuable feedback that will help you improve your processes, jump on that. The best leaders are the ones that know they are not always right. 


Delegate Responsibility

Every member of your team will definitely have areas where they shine. Based on that, it’s the team leader’s responsibility to look out for dependable team members. Delegating duties will not only take work off the leader’s shoulders, it’ll equally make processes flow seamlessly. It’ll equally make it possible to effectively and efficiently have more than one project up in the air at once.


In Conclusion

The PR department of every company is a very important one, by now it should be very evident. To have it up and running properly is equivalent to having a very profitable company. So, with these guidelines among other things, you should be able to streamline operations and get more work done.

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