Visual Merch Advice For Retail Success

Catching shoppers’ eyes is important but never more so than at Christmas. Although the customers are out in force, they aren’t easy to reel in. There is a lot of competition, plus people are searching for specific items. As a result, high street shops don’t always bring in the sales they imagine they will during the festive season.

One way to stop this from being your reality is to use visual merchandising. The shop window effect isn’t a myth – it works like a charm. However, implementing correctly can be tricky, so here are four tips to help you boost profits this Christmas.

Create A Professional Experience

Shoppers want something which feels real. They don’t invest in amateur hour. There are ways to DIY it and create an image which stands out as being expert and specialist. However, it takes a lot of time, effort and money, three resources no store can afford to waste. Design4Retail will create professional experiences shoppers will love, and they do it for an affordable rate. Without the hassle, you can focus on encouraging people to make conversions once they are in the shop. Think of it as outsourcing a task to a third-party. If other businesses can do it, then so can you.

Prepare For Xmas Customers

Everybody is in the same boat at the start of December. There is no fighting it: shoppers need Christmas presents. It’s almost as if everything else goes out of the window, excluding the essentials. Therefore, the window display should tailor to their needs. For starters, using Christmassy colours and themes will show them that you’re already in the festive spirit. Secondly, a reminder of the opening and closing hours should stick in their mind. The fact you’re open late up until the 24th is a bonus for last-minute shoppers. Finally, use a countdown to make them aware of the deadline. Sometimes, they panic and make rushed purchases.

Be Consistent

One major error is to change the theme inside the store. The display in the window piqued their interest, so it’s only logical that you stick with it. Otherwise, you run the risk of turning them off, in which case they will bounce to a different shop. An excellent tip is to upscale the window display on the shop floor to really grab their attention. Also, make sure there are signposts which point them in the direction of the product. Alternatively, the item they see can go right at the entrance so that it’s impossible to miss.

Remember That Size Matters

Don’t go over the top with the decorations. Glitter and tinsel should facilitate the experience, not get in the way. The last thing you want to do is end up in The Standard for glowing too much. With this mind, think about the placements. Never wrap them around the products in the shop because they’ll disturb people who are browsing. Instead, fix them to an adjacent, empty wall where they are out of the way.

The right merch leads to money, so try and get the balance just perfect.

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