Ambitious Abi

Ambitious Abi runs a growing, successful business with several staff members at her business premises. She might have started as a solopreneur and stuck at it for many years to create the successful business that she now runs with others who have joined her team.  Her main struggle is to get back to doing the work that she loves as well as find time to exercise and spend time with her friends. Success has brought its own set of joys and challenges. Women’s Business Club provides her with time and space to stop, think and reflect whilst giving back and empower other women leaders. Through the Mastermind Boardroom she also has a safe space to share the challenges she faces in confidence helping her be the best leader she can be. For Ambitious Abi we recommend the silver membership.

At the Women’s Business Club we understand this need, as well as your practical business, needs too.  These are the services that we have come up with thus far to support you and we are always looking for more ways to help:        


Much more is available to our club members, we would love you to join us so that your business stands the best chance or success and you enjoy every step of the way.  Join us…  If you have any needs or suggestions please pop a comment in the box below with your contact details and we will get back to you and help in any way that we can. Ambitious Abi – you can do it and you are not alone anymore!  That is what the Women’s Business Club is all about – this is what some of our Mastermind Boardroom members have to say:

Abigail Howell FIRP DipRP Director at Expectations! Recruitment

“The Mastermind Boardroom is a group of extraordinary business women who run fabulous businesses in our region every day. We come together on a monthly basis to discuss our achievements, future plans for our businesses and to provide support to other ensuring we deliver on our promised KPI’s. This group of ladies is not like any other group of female networking! This is for women who are driven, determined and focused on pushing their business as far as they possibly can. If you are looking to join a serious all girls club where your business is the hot topic and key priority for discussion then look no further! ”

Charlotte Poole-Graham BA (Hons) DipPFS Associate Partner of St. James’s Place

“The wealth of knowledge and experience in the room is exceptional. No matter where you are in business there are areas for improvement and the incredible women in the room help you to ascertain those areas and develop them. I leave the meeting with an incredibly positive mindset and a long list of things to do. The network opportunities are also excellent, with such accomplished individuals in the room there is always an introduction to be made and a connection to make. I would thoroughly recommend this group to women who are already at a successful level of business and are serious about taking it further.”

Jane Bromley Strategenic Ltd

“The Mastermind Boardroom is full of really insightful business women. If you are looking for a team who you can meet one a month to help you drive your business to the next level then the Mastermind Boardroom is what you’re looking for. It’s fun too.”  

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