Upgrading Your Office’s Consumer Unit: What You Need To Know

Commonly known as a “fusebox”, electrical consumer units is the primary controller and distributer of electricity supply throughout your firm’s office. As the electricity supply passes through it to reach the property from the mainline. One of the main purposes for a fusebox consumer unit is to help protect the property from an electrical hazard.

On average, most fuseboxes can last up to 30 and 40 years. However, electrical faults can still occur during this time as well as changes in regulations, which is why it is recommended that you have your consumer unit checked often.

Before deciding if you are going to upgrade or not, have a qualified electrician test your fusebox to determine if it needs a full replacement or just a repair. For some, you might not need to update your current fusebox, as repairs to the consumer unit may suffice. For those that do require an upgrade to their office’s consumer unit, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you with the process.

Seeking Expert Advice

When hiring an electrician to complete the job, ensure that they are fully qualified and who is Part P compliant. There are those in the industry who are unfortunately neither, but who offer more enticing prices. Those who are Part P compliant will make that the work is designed and installed to protect people from both fire and electric shocks.

Purchasing A New Fusebox Consumer Unit 

When replacing your current fusebox consumer unit, it is important that you purchase a new one that is reliable and also has a warranty. For instance, check out these fusebox consumer units from Expert Electrical. Not only do they inform you of their fusebox stockist, but they also have an excellent selection of affordable and reliable circuit protection products available for you to choose from. Also, all of their fusebox consumer units boast numerous positive reviews, so you know you’ll get long-lasting quality from this brand.

Reducing Disruption In The Office

Fortunately, there is very little clutter around the office when upgrading a consumer unit, as the majority of the mess will be contained to one area. If any of the work that is being done that might potentially cause disruption or create a mess to any of the plastering or fabric of the building, you should be notified prior to the work commencing. Additionally, if the fusebox consumer unit that is being upgraded is changing location within the property, then this will cause more of a disruption in the workspace.

Prior to work commencing, the electricians installing your new fusebox consumer unit will ask for any computers to be shut down before their work commences. Another request might be to ensure that there is plenty of workspace surrounding the fusebox consumer unit available, or if the location of the fusebox consumer unit is in a cupboard make sure that there is easy access for them to get to it.

It might take a few hours to remove the old fusebox consumer unit and replace it with the new one, as well as test it out. As such, you will have to assume that there will be no power during this time period. However, if it critical that you have power whilst you are working, the electricians installing your new fusebox consumer unit may offer to install a temporary power supply for you to use.



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