Upgrade Your In-Store Experience

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels


You can buy anything online these days. In fact, most people check products online before they decide to go out and see them in person – that is, if they decide to go out at all! This means that retailers need to be able to offer something different to online stores. 

To attract people to your store, you need to offer them an experience. What this experience is depends on who you are trying to attract but it should leave an impression and encourage them to buy and come back again soon. 

So, how do you create the best in-store experience for your customers?


Light and Shadow

If you want to tempt people in, you need to create an appealing atmosphere. Lighting is the best way to create an immediate atmosphere. While 4 ft shop lights are perfect for creating a bright light, you should also consider adding some spotlights and using them to highlight particular areas and products. 

Shadow can also be effective, particularly if you want to create a sense of intrigue. Hollister is well-known for using darkness to bring people in and create a cozy atmosphere. While you might not want to turn the lights down so low that your customers are bumping into displays, it’s clear that mood lighting does have an effect! 

Choosing Your Colors

The color palette you use is also part of the atmosphere you create. If you are selling a funky clothing brand, lots of bold colors could work really well. Think about the kind of colors you use in your branding and make sure that your decor is complementary. 

The colors you choose can make a big impact on who decides to walk in. Bold colors tend to appeal to teens and young adults, while a softer palette will appeal to older audiences. The products you sell might also influence your palette. For example, bright, fresh colors are often used in food stores. 

Create a Journey

How you arrange your store affects the way your customer moves through the space and there are a few tricks you can use to make sure your customers see all the right things. For example, by putting the most desirable items or the most common purchases at the back of the store, you make sure that your customers have to travel through the whole store.

While straight aisles will allow you to make the most of the footprint of your store, but it won’t be the most exciting journey. By adding islands and angles to your layout, you encourage your customers to explore and move around differently. If you rotate your stock and change the layout every so often, your customers will experience a slightly different store each time and discover new things. 

The most successful stores are those that present their customers with something new to look at every time they visit. This doesn’t mean that you should change everything each week, but is worth keeping in mind. You want to keep everyone on their toes! 

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