Up And About! Encouraging Our Employees To Be Physically Healthier

While there are so many components relating to health and safety in the workplace, when there’s such a focus on health and wellbeing we’ve got to find ways to implement a work environment that retains productivity, but also shows that our employees a healthier method which they can carry through into other aspects of their lives. Physical health is one of those things that, it can be argued, is all down to the individual. But in a working environment, especially one that you are in charge of, part of it is about leading by example, but also implementing certain things to ensure that your workers are healthier. Physical health can have an impact on people’s lives, in and out of the workplace. So, with this in mind, what sort of physical implementation should you put in place?

Encouraging Proper Posture

There is so much of a focus on sitting down in an office environment. This means you need to find the right ergonomic furniture to support people during the working day, such as Arteil office chairs. It’s a simple thing, but because we have to do work sat at our desk, we need to strike the right balance. Proper posture will have an impact on every other aspect of people’s lives.

Encouraging Physical Activity During The Lunch Break

The lunch break is a goldmine for reinforcing aspects of healthiness. Physical activity during the lunch break doesn’t necessarily need to be something like a running club. But you can think about implementing something like high-intensity interval training, especially if you have a breakout room, this is a very simple and effective way to encourage physical fitness, but without the long and laborious running associated with marathons and the like.

A Healthy Choice Of Meals

Again, this is where lunchtime becomes invaluable. Physical health is all about what you eat and exercise only accounts for a small part. What you eat is what you are. And if there are vending machines that are full to the brim with sugary snacks, is it hardly a surprise that people will turn to them when they are looking for an energy boost? Think about the things that will provide a natural boost in energy, like fruit. And we have to get away from this idea of rewarding our workers with pizzas and unhealthy, salty treats when they’ve done well.

Choosing The Right Social Activity

Being sociable is integral to the effectiveness of a team but when there are work excursions, especially to bars and the like, alcohol will flow! Try and swap the bar for a coffee house or somewhere that doesn’t serve alcohol. Yes, this is easier said than done, but when we try to implement healthier working habits, physical health is crucial. And we have to remember that it’s all about the culture that we nurture. This means that our business needs to promote health and well-being, and while you may focus a lot on the mental aspects, we have to give consideration to the physical aspects of fitness as well so our team can be a group of individuals that are fighting fit.




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