Women’s Business Conference Exhibitors

Bronze Exhibitor Package £400

  • 1×1 banner space
  • Business logo & 10 words on our website
  • Two delegate tickets

Silver Exhibitor Package £800

  • 2×1 banner space
  • Business logo & 150 words on our website
  • Three delegate tickets

Gold Exhibitor Package £1,200

  • 3×1 banner space
  • Business logo & 500 words on our website
  • Four delegate tickets

Get Noticed!

Exhibit at Women’s Business Conference and see your business skyrocket!

We attract hundreds of high caliber businesswomen who attend to get down to business. As an exhibitor, you can expect to:

– Generate lucrative, targeted business leads from businesses who are likely to buy from you.
– Strengthen and position your brand, setting you apart from your competitors.
– Be refreshed and inspired by our world-class speakers who are industry leaders.

End the year well by exhibiting at Women’s Business Conference, setting your business up for an even more successful year ahead. See what last year’s exhibitors have to say.

We look forward to showcasing your business before, during and after our event in December through our vast online network as well as in person on the day! Book your place asap.


Cambridge | Cheltenham | Guildford | Manchester

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