Get Seen & Grow Your Brand Using Instagram

"Discover The 3 Secrets to Finding Your Ideal Audience"

We are three exciting opportunities coming up for you with Instagram expert Trish Chanda. Get these dates in your diary:

04 Jun 2020 at 2:00
Interview with Trish, live in our Facebook group. Join us for free here

22 Jun 2020 at 11:30
Masterclass Webinar with Trish - 3 secrets to finding your ideal audience. £13.37 book here
Discover the 3 secrets to finding your ideal audience, increasing your following, engagement and income on Instagram. Without having a website and a huge following. We're starting from the ground up, so you don't even need to have an existing following.

This masterclass is perfect for you if...

  • You are a business owner, entrepreneur or a creative and service provider.
  • You are ready to learn how to increase your following and turn your Instagram feed into a business powerhouse.
  • You are prepared to come out of your comfort zone, do the work and take action.

This masterclass is NOT for you if...

You don’t want to grow your business or brand using Instagram.
You make excuses, don’t take accountability and you don’t want to take action.

29 Jun 2020 at 10:00
5-day Instagram Glow Up Challenge with Trish. Book free here

Sign up for the 5-day challenge and discover how to increase your following and engagement. Plus, learn how to create content that will help you build a profitable page without having a website or a huge following.

We will be starting on Monday 29th June 2020, here’s an outline of what you can expect to learn over the next 5 days:

Day 1 – The 5 Why’s: Understanding why your using Instagram.
Day 2 – The Importance of your Instagram bio & how to write one.
Day 3 – How to create content that connects with your audience.
Day 4 – Getting to know your audience, conversations and building a relationship.
Day 5 – Services you provide and how your audience can find you.


Key Learnings

Grow Your Following

Optimise your bio and create content that will grow your following of quality paying customers and clients

Engage Your Audience

How to write captions that engage your audience and bring clients or customers to you

Avoid Big Mistakes

Avoid the biggest mistakes people make on Instagram every day, these mistakes lead to losing followers and sales


Your Speaker - Trish Chanda


Trish Chanda is a Social Media/ Instagram Strategist, Digital Content Creator and Coach who teaches Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs how to navigate the world of social media to help them grow their business or brand.

Growing up in the vibrant city of Leeds in the north of England and now residing in London. Trish is known for her warmth, positive outlook and determination to win in life. Her capability to observe others entwined with her Zambian roots and friendly Yorkshire upbringing has given her the natural ability to engage with a variety of people in different walks of life

A couple of years ago, she joined Instagram to share her passion for fashion, lifestyle and personal development. Since then she has organically grown her page from 0 to 8k followers. As a result, she started working as a part-time micro-influencer where she was paid to collaborate and work with such brands like Gillette, Modi Bodi, online fashion store I Saw It First, NARS Cosmetics and more.

What is a micro-influencer?

A micro-influencer is someone who has between 1,000 to 100,000 followers. Micro-influencers focus on a specific niche or area and are generally regarded as an industry expert or topic specialist and they get gifted and paid collaborations from brands who want to advertise on their page.

Six months ago, Trish went from earning four figures as a micro-influencer to now making five figures in her business as a Social Media/Instagram Strategist. She has used her expertise to help and teach other small business owners and entrepreneurs how to position themselves on social media so that they can get seen by their ideal client/customers, give value, grow and most importantly build a profitable page.

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