Travelling Tips For Professional Women




Packing a suitcase or a weekend bag can sometimes seem like the most irritating and time consuming task, meaning that too often we are guilty of leaving packing until the last minute and then packing either far too many things that we don’t need or simply not enough!

When you’re travelling, especially for Business, it is important to retain your professional demeanour and to “Pack Professionally”. Here at the Women’s Business Club, we have written a list of packing hints and tips so that you don’t have to:

Mums! We understand when you’re travelling with toddlers and kids, 99% of the time, you will have been more likely to have packed Cheesestrings than your Credit Card and Kid’s plasters rather than your own passport! So our first tip is to get you out of the mind frame of family travelling and to get you to think about yourself as a professional.

  1. Pack only what you need! Yes, we know, we know that you just bought the most amazing pair of bright red stilettos but if the reality is that you know they’re not appropriate for the important business meeting that you’re heading to, then don’t waste valuable space on something that you won’t use.
  2. Psst you, yes you, we know you love your fluffy dressing gown but you need a whole other bag for it and do you really need it for a one night stop in Manchester..
  3. Roll your clothes! Sounds crazy but until you try it, you won’t believe how much space it saves and how it prevents your clothes from getting crumpled and creased.
  4. If you’re travelling on a train for example, get there at least 20 mins early, find your platform, get a seat, grab your favourite coffee and have a little browse through your emails. Stay ahead of the game and have a bit of time to gather your thoughts, it’s never a good look frantically scrambling on to the train in a sweaty, stressed mess. Recipe for disaster.
  5. Always carry a pretty scarf. Travelling can be unexpectedly turn rather chilly, and wrapping a lovely patterned/coloured scarf around your neck can instantly warm you up, aswell as adding a pop of colour and some individuality to your outfit!
  6. Collect mini toiletries! Have you ever bought an expensive perfume and been given some other designer samples? Keep them. They are absolutely perfect for travelling and ooze glamour.
  7. Always drink lots of water, travelling can be so draining and dehydrating. Drink more to make you feel better and clear your mind a little ahead of that big meeting.
  8. Always take a beautiful little notepad, I find that even just the thought of travelling inspires me to talk to so many different people and experience so many different places. Jot down your memories and creative thoughts
  9. Always make sure that you have charge on your phone. Constant emails and alterations of meeting times are bound to happen and you want to stay in the loop! There’s also the safety aspect and not to mention, being able to manage to keep up to date with all of our exciting news! Three words. Portable Phone Charger.
  10. As cheesy as it sounds, always bring a smile with you. Travelling can make even the most cheery people grumpy but always make the best impression that you can and let your smile light up your trip.

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