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Women’s Business Training & Mentoring



The Ultimate Business Course

At the Women’s Business Club we are passionate about connecting, supporting and empowering businesswomen across the UK. One of the ways we can empower you is to offer you business training and best of all it’s completely FREE to our members!

A 15-day full-time course for anyone wanting to have an in-depth overview of the knowledge and skills required to starting and running a business. At the end of the course, you will have your own detailed business plan, marketing plan, sales strategy, brand and identity, social media plan and financial plan.  >> BOOK HERE <<

Alternatively, book any module of The Ultimate Business Course as a one day course for your company at a fixed rate of £1,000 per day.

Course Outline:

  1. Business Set Up
    1.1 Choosing and setting up the basics such as business name, branding, domain name, legal status, bank accounts, HMRC. Business Set Up
    1.2 Is this the right business for you? Does it match your passion, natural talent, personality, etc?
  2. Vision & Mission 
    2.1 What do you want to achieve, why do you want to do what you do, can you do it for 20 years? 
    2.2 Crafting your vision and mission statement
  3. Products & Services 
    3.1 What are you offering and how much does it cost? Pricing, research, competitor analysis.
    3.2 Packaging products and services into memorable formats.
  4. Customers 
    4.1 Who are they, where are they, what is their pain?
    4.1 Finding your niche in the market.
  5. Marketing 
    5.1 Crafting your message – website copy, promotional material, public pitching. 
    5.2 Channels to market.
  6. Lead Generation 
    6.1 CRM options, data legislation.  
    6.2 Data capturing and lead generation methods.
  7. Social Media 
    7.1 Social media principles and techniques.
    7.2 Social media setup and engagement.
  8. Financials 
    8.1 Basic bookkeeping, pricing and overheads
    8.1 Cashflow forecast
  9. Website 
    9.1 Creating and maintaining a website
    9.2 Website security, policies and protection
  10. Goals 
    10.1 What do you want to achieve and why?
    10.2 S.M.A.R.T goal setting
  11. Sales 
    11.1 Creating a sales funnel
    11.2 Upsells, downsells and cross-sells
  12. Customer Experience 
    12.1 Creating your customer experience map.
    12.2 Keep your customers coming back.
  13. Time Management 
    13.1 The reality of small business burnout.
    13.2 Creating a time plan for your business.
  14. Your Team 
    14.1 Building your team with strategic partnerships, collaborating and outsourcing. 
    14.2 Choosing a mentor carefully.
  15. Your Business Plan 
    15.1 Final touches to your business plan.
    15.1 One page business plan with an action plan.

Women’s Busines Club is proud to be partnering with Betaris Training to deliver An Introduction to Sales and The Ultimate Business Start Up Course to you.    

Betaris is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals to prosper and develop using our range of services. Their work-based training programmes have been designed to allow people of all ages to reach their career objectives and become qualified in a variety of areas.