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Training & Mentoring


At the Women’s Business Club we are passionate about connecting, supporting and empowering businesswomen across the UK. One of the ways we can empower you is to offer you high-quality business training at a price that everyone can afford.


“What a lot of content, providing plenty of inspiration and motivation, delivered in a small group so that each and every business could receive help appropriate to them, in a friendly, constructive environment. If you need to re-boot your business mojo, it works a treat.” – Yvonne Folliard, Moococo Marketing & Communications 


“Angela is a gifted and highly talented woman in the world of business. I have had the pleasure of joining her on The Ultimate Business Course. An intense yet thorough introduction to starting your own business. In the time I have known Angela I have grown in knowledge and understanding of the business world and with that , will be launching my own business ‘raindancers ‘ ( counselling, tuition, support and resources) this coming September. I can’t recommend Angela Desouza and The Ultimate Business Course enough.” – Lynda Taverner, Raindancers


“I would highly recommend the course to anyone looking to start, or in their initial stages of their business, as it really offers great support and guidance not only from Angela but from the whole group. The course has helped me to be a lot more focused on everything I’m doing, especially in the marketing and sales side, and has given me the confidence and means to be able to start my own business in the near future. See full review here.” – Megan Prendergast, Cheltenham Coworking CIC


The Ultimate Business Course © 

Our 15-module training course is for anyone wanting to have an in-depth overview of the knowledge and skills required to starting and running a business. At the end of the course, you will have your own detailed business plan, marketing plan, sales strategy, brand and identity, social media plan and financial plan. Once you have graduated you will also be invited to a private Facebook group where you can continue your journey together with other graduates of the course. Book your place for only £189 here or pay it off over 6 months* at £31.50 here.

Book any module of The Ultimate Business Course as a one day course for your company at a fixed rate of £1,000 per day.  If you have already booked your place log into the vault here

** The Ultimate Business Course LIVE ** in conjunction with Betaris Training

If you have a GL postcode then you will get the opportunity to attend the Ultimate Business Course in person at the Gloucester College in Cheltenham for FREE. The 2018 dates are:

19th February – 9th March 
16th April – 4th May 
18th June – 6th July 

Times are 9:30am – 2:30pm with 1.5 hours homework each day.
There is no charge, the course is fully funded by the EU Social Fund
Find out more or book your place with Grace Smart Grace@betaristraining.com

Course Outline:

  1. Business Set Up
    1.1 Choosing and setting up the basics such as business name, domain name, legal status, bank accounts, HMRC. 
    1.2 Choosing your brand, establishing your brand position and message.
  2. Vision & Mission 
    2.1 What do you want to achieve, why do you want to do what you do, can you do it for 20 years? 
    2.2 Crafting your vision and mission statement.
  3. Products & Services 
    3.1 What are you offering and how much does it cost? Pricing, research, competitor analysis.
    3.2 Packaging products and services into memorable formats.
  4. Customers 
    4.1 Who are they, where are they, what is their pain?
    4.2 Finding your niche in the market.
  5. Marketing 
    5.1 Crafting your message – website copy, promotional material, public pitching. 
    5.2 Channels to market.
  6. Lead Generation 
    6.1 Data capturing and lead generation methods. 
    6.2 CRM options, data legislation.
  7. Social Media 
    7.1 Social media principles and techniques.
    7.2 Social media setup and engagement.
  8. Financials 
    8.1 Basic bookkeeping, pricing, and overheads.
    8.2 Cash Flow Forecast.
  9. Website 
    9.1 Creating and maintaining a website.
    9.2 Website security, policies, and protection.
  10. Goals 
    10.1 What do you want to achieve and why?
    10.2 S.M.A.R.T goal setting.
  11. Sales 
    11.1 Creating a sales funnel.
    11.2 Upsells, downsells and cross-sells.
  12. Customer Experience 
    12.1 Creating your customer experience map.
    12.2 Keep your customers coming back.
  13. Time Management 
    13.1 The reality of small business burnout.
    13.2 Creating a time plan for your business.
  14. Your Team 
    14.1 Building your team with strategic partnerships, collaborating and outsourcing. 
    14.2 Identifying and approaching key people for your team.
  15. Your Business Plan 
    Final touches to your business plan. One page business plan with an action plan.


** An Introduction to Selling LIVE ** in conjunction with Betaris Training

If you have a GL postcode then you will get the opportunity to attend the Ultimate Business Course in person at the Gloucester College in Cheltenham for FREE. The 2018 dates are:

5th March 
30th April 
2nd July 

Times are 9:30am – 2:30pm with 1.5 hours homework.
There is no charge, the course is fully funded by the EU Social Fund
Find out more or book your place with Grace Smart Grace@betaristraining.com

A.V.I.D. Sales ©

Perhaps you have achieved a level of success in your business but can’t seem to break through into more. Maybe you are stuck and can’t find what you need to do differently to unblock your sales pipeline. It’s possible that are frustrated and need some help in getting the level of sales that you would like to see flooding into your business.

So, where do you want to be instead?

Imagine a situation where you are making a ton of sales. The sales are rolling in and you are making good profits. Imagine having a system that means that your selling is consistent. Picture yourself on a sunny beach relaxing with your friends or family and when you return home from holiday your bank balance has continued to grow as the system never takes a break, even when you do!

The A.V.I.D Sales System is a simple four piece puzzle that will be the difference between exchanging time for money for the rest of your life or managing a system that does the work for you. It’s that simple and will change the way you run your business giving you the results that you desire. An intensive, detailed and thorough sales system that will take you from where you are to where you want to be at a pace that suits you. Our 12-week program cost only £699 or pay it off weekly over 12 weeks* at £60 a week.

The A.V.I.D Sales System is designed to:
–  Free you from the fear of sales – you no longer need to hard sell but manage your selling system that sells for you.
–  Free up your time so that you can do the things that you love.
–  Free your mental space – once your system is built you can think about other things.

You will enjoy clear, immediate results:
–  Make more money doing what you love.
–  Be confident in where and when your business is coming from.
–  Be focused and clear on where you want your business to go.

You will commit to:
–  Watching one training video a week.
–  Filling in your worksheets.
–  Engaging in the Facebook group should you wish to offer or ask for help and advice.
–  Apply what you have learned to your business and watch it grow.

A.V.I.D Sales Modules:

A = Audience
Discover the Prospect Puzzle © where we show you how to find, connect with and keep your audience interested.

V = Value:
Learn how to leverage our 3P Triad System © you will get your audience queuing up to buy from you.

I = Invitation:
Use our Lead M.A.G.N.E.T. Menu © so that your audience has all the invitation that they will need to buy from you.

D = Delivery:
Sell with our Pitch and Present © sales copy and public speaking tools that will set you above your competitors each and every time.

* Signing up for a payment plan means that you have agreed to the full course value and are liable for the full course value. Cancellations will not be accepted under any circumstances as the full course is made available after the first payment has cleared.