Top 6 Cryptocurrency Wallets You Can Rely

With any financial product, security and convenience are the two primary factors that consumers are concerned about. With cryptocurrencies, it is no different, and as they grow in popularity both of these features are coming more important. This is why the number of cryptocurrency wallets is on the grow, with both software and hardware versions of the product built with the concept in mind to keep your crypto easily accessible as well as in a safe and secure place. We take a look at the top 6 cryptocurrency wallets that you can rely on.


The biggest selling point of EXODUS is its customer-friendly approach to crypto wallet design. They offer detailed live charts and an adaptable design which users can personalise to their tastes. While also offering a great deal of adaptability in other areas such as the types of coins and tokens available. It has more 80 offered, including the big names, so it is possible to function as an ethereum wallet, bitcoin wallet and for many others. However, a lack of fiat compatibility and the fact it is also not the most secure bitcoin wallet, due to many of their security features being reliant on the user.

Coinbase Wallet

For users of the exchange platform Coinbase, the option for a Coinbase Wallet should be a no-brainer as you will be hard pushed to find an exchange platform so in sync with a cold storage wallet option. Alongside extensive security features and access to DApps available to everyone, Coinbase users will also get exclusive access to certain exclusive IEOs via the wallet. Is Coinbase a wallet you should choose? Definitely, if you are using their service already. However, as there are other wallets more universally beneficial despite Coinbase Wallet serving most users’ needs regardless.


KeepKey is a cryptocurrency wallet on the grow. While it is not as well-known as many other wallets, it has been furthered by its incorporation of the Shapeshift exchange available on its service to allow users to both manage and trade their tokens and coins directly on via their wallet. They currently support around 30 different tokens, which might noe sound like a lot but it is growing. Most notably with the implementation of stablecoins, like MakerDAO. This alongside other unique features makes it one should consider getting involved in early on.


This mobile adapted cold storage wallet that works Bluetooth or a Near Field Communication (NFC). It allows you to manage all your day to day crypto dealing via the use of just one button on the front of the wallet, which is designed in the same shape as a credit card, and links to an app on your phone. As well as its obvious convenience and accessibility, it loses nothing in the way of security. It puts its mobile compatibility to good use in this aspect with passcodes, touch ID and 2+1 Factor Authentication, alongside being waterproof, shockproof, and tamper-proof, temperature resistant.


Opening its doors in 2013, Trezor is a cryptocurrency wallet with more experience than many and it shows in abundance. They offer two cryptocurrency hardware wallets, which offer a wide selection of cryptocurrencies but not as many as their main competition Ledger. However, major cryptos are supported so you can use this as an ethereum wallet, a bitcoin wallet and a ripple wallet too. They are considered the best cryptocurrency wallets across the hardware wallets in terms of style, convenience and security, with its colour touchscreen, compact design and third-party applications and features that serve to boost security.


There are two products from Ledger, the Nano S and the X, both of which function as cryptocurrency hardware wallets. As they are unable to access the web making it safe from hackers and due to being built with the same chip used on credit cards and passwords they also guarantee offline security. As such, there are few cryptocurrency wallets that are more secure than this one. While its slick design is both easy on the eye and convenient to add to its prowess. You are looking at around €119,00 to get the X, but if this sounds like too much of a stretch then you can buy a Ledger Nano S for half that price.

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