Tips for Women who Want to Progress in Their Career

It has always been a struggle for women competing against men when they are seeking promotions or are after a new job that is a higher position. Research has shown that the higher you move up the ladder, the lower the percentage there is of women working, but there are now more women in managerial posts and top jobs than ever before. There is more you can do if you are seeking to progress your career and here are a few tips to help you.

Be Confident in Your Own Abilities

Where the males of our species often win out is with their confidence. They tend to be surer of themselves and what they can do. You need to show that you have that same confidence and have no doubt in your mind that you are capable of the position you are after. You cannot expect your superiors or prospective new employer to have any confidence in you is you have none in yourself, and you need to show it.

Earn More Qualifications

There are some top jobs that you need to be highly qualified for, and this applies to many in the finance industry and with large corporations. It does not matter what gender you are if you have an MBA, for instance. As you can complete these courses online or in a class-based situation, you can fit them in with business and family commitments.

If you are unsure where to start, take a look at The MBA Tour calendar to see when their conference is next in a city near you. At these events, you can meet with the top schools that have been carefully selected. You can meet with representatives from the schools and find out all you need to know about earning this very highly valued qualification.

Be Flexible

You need to show that you are prepared to do whatever work is necessary. You will probably have a contract that specifies your duties, but there are times, such as with sickness or holidays, where the company you work for could be under pressure. Let them know that you are prepared to help ease that pressure by providing help where it is needed. A good leader will always show that no job is beneath or above them and will encourage others to be the same.

Face Work Challenges Head-on

To learn more skills and gain experience you need to sometimes move out of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid of new challenges and face them head-on. You may surprise yourself with what you can achieve, which is most things if you set your mind to it.

Any new skill or experience should be added to your resume to make it even more impressive when you are seeking new work.


Networking within your line of business can be a great way to move up the ladder. Get to know as many of the people in senior positions as you can. You will often meet people from other companies while you are at work and being friendly with them can be a bonus. If an opportunity arises within their company or with someone else they know. You will come to mind and could well be approached to apply for the position.

You should also let all your friends and family know what you do, what qualifications you have and what experience you have gained. You never know if a friend of a friend or family is looking for someone to fill a position and you could be the ideal candidate.

Be a Problem – Solver

You can work hard at your job all day and because everything runs smoothly you are just left to get on with it. You will be more noticed if you are there to solve problems when they arise, perhaps in your own work or for others. Becoming the person that people turn to when they hit a snag gets you noticed, and your superiors will remember you when there is a promotion available.

Finding solutions for problems your company has, such as needing a new supplier quickly because the last one ceased trading without any notice, can only enhance your chances of moving up your career ladder.

Don’t Let Being a Woman Stop You

Don’t ever think that because you are a woman you are not as capable as a man. You need to realize that you can do whatever you want, and it is with this in mind that you need to apply for promotions or other jobs that just a few decades ago you would not have dreamed of doing. The numbers of women in high-powered positions are increasing as employers have got to know how good and useful women can be in these jobs. Why not ‘go for it’ and make yourself one of them.

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