This Guide Will Help you to Set Up Your First Business Website

If you have never set up a website before then you will know how complicated the whole process may seem. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed with everything and it is also very easy to mess up once or twice along the way as well. If you want to set up a business website as efficiently as possible then this guide should help.

Define your Goals

Before you get ahead of yourself, you need to define the goals of your site as well as knowing what you want to achieve with your company. The layout and the style of your site will also depend on this as well, so it is important that you really take your time here. If you are not quite sure which goals you want to set for yourself, then you need to consult your business plan. This should give you the insight you need to make the best possible decisions.

Choosing the Right Domain

Choosing a domain is one of the most critical aspects of defining your website. Your domain name should relate to your business and it should also match what you do as well. It is important that you try and keep it short, and that you avoid abbreviations where possible. Avoiding acronyms and numbers helps as well, as this will make it very difficult for your customers to remember your site URL.

Detailed Site Maps

Your site map will help you to organise the content that should be on your site. It will also help you to eliminate any processes that are not necessary as well. If you have a good site map, then this will alert you to any duplicate pages you have and it is great for your SEO too. If you have never looked into getting a site map, then you’ll be glad to know that most website builders will take care of that automatically for you.

Designing your Site

When it comes to building your site, you have a few options. You can do it yourself, completely from scratch or you can even use a DIY website builder if you want. If you are choosing to build it yourself then you need to have knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, CSS and even HTML. If you have zero technical experience, then hiring a professional is certainly the way to go.

Marketing your Site

Marketing your site is crucial if you want to make the most out of its creation. When you are just getting started, it is a good idea for you to look into PPCnerd for Google Ads. Of course, website traffic is crucial if you want to make it to the first page of Google, so it helps to set up a social media page as well. This will help you to get your site out there and it also gives you the chance to talk to your customer base directly as well. This can work wonders for your customer service and it can also help you to resolve any problems before they go on to hurt your company.

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