This Book Means Business – Alison Jones

As you know our book for June is This Book Means Business by Alison Jones. We’re very excited about this book and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book! 

This Book Means Business is a practical, accessible handbook for anyone thinking about writing a book to build their business, with a wide range of tips and techniques to help plan, write, publishing and promote a book that’s integrated with your platform and works to build your reputation, network and credibility from Day 1.

In the Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast, Alison Jones goes under the hood of successful business books to discover how they’re put together and how they work for the businesses behind them. This book brings together all those inspiring and effective ideas, giving you a unique insight into how some of the world’s top business authors work and showing how you can make these ideas work for you too.

You can listen Alison Jones talk about what makes a successful business book here

‘Practical, insightful and incredibly useful. Alison Jones is the trusted friend everyone should have when writing a business book. Combining her unique connections and expertise in the worlds of writing, publishing and business-building, she writes with clarity, generosity and wit, distilling the best of her experience – and that of a whole host of successful business authors – into an incredibly useful guide for anyone looking to write a book that really works for their business.’ – Grace Marshall, Head coach, chief encourager and productivity ninja, author of How To Be Really Productive

You can find the book here

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Happy Reading!

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