The Things You Need To Think About When Distributing Your Products

Do you have a great product but not the skills to distribute it on a large scale? Fear not, because here, we look at what you need to do to be able to get your stock out there and into customers homes and workplaces.

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We will cover supplies and distributors in more detail further down, but the critical thing that you need to do when looking to distribute your product on a larger scale is to communicate regularly – with everyone in the chain.  Your e-commerce system needs to be absolutely foolproof, especially as customers now expect a large parcel delivery within 24 hours in most circumstances. If you do have any issues anywhere in the chain, the first person you need to contact is your customer and let them know that there may be a delay. This can, of course, go two ways. They may need the product urgently and so will cancel and go elsewhere, but in many cases, with a heads up, apology and any appropriate compensation (free delivery, or a discount for example), they will be happy to wait a little longer. You also need to make sure any distributors and suppliers are aware of the time that you expect orders to be processed and discuss with them any problems that you have as soon as possible. They also need to be aware of the importance of letting you know if there is likely to be an issue.

Work with suppliers

Finding the right supplier for your business is integral. It can be tempting to save some money and go for the cheapest option, but this is not necessarily the best option. One of the things that you need to consider is their stature to the size of your business. If they are a global supplier and you are considered ‘small fry,’ as many startups are, you may find yourself bottom of the pile when compared to some of their more prominent clients. Of course, it shouldn’t be this way, but let’s not kid ourselves that it doesn’t happen. You want to find a company that places as much importance on you as they do other clients, no matter what size.

You also need to find one that gives you some flexibility when there are cash flow issues – some are a lot more understanding than others!

Streamline your process

As we mentioned above, your system needs to be foolproof, and the best way of doing this is to tighten it up and really streamline it. If you can find a supplier who can handle the distribution and delivery side of things as well, it cuts out another step in the process, leaving less chance for mistakes to be made.

Analyzing and streamlining the supply chain is a learning process not just for improving product deliveries today, but also for improving customer service in the future.

Companies reduce costs and become more flexible and profitable. Having a better understanding of supply chain processes and data is an essential first step required for successful growth and distribution of products.

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