The Secret To A Successful Team


Regardless of a team’s purpose, you need to set it up as perfectly as possible. This could be a general business team for a small company, or it might be a team for a specific department – like advertising. Either way, you have to know two key things. Firstly, there is such thing as a bad team. This leads to the second thing; you need to learn the secret to creating a successful team. 

Below, you’ll basically find the blueprint for a perfect team. Read it, apply it to your decision-making process, and you’ll have a successful group of people!


Diversity is needed

When people see things like this, they start getting in a huff and saying that anyone should be hired for a job if they’re the best candidate, regardless of gender, ethnicity, etc. That’s true, and it’s almost guaranteed that if this were the case, your team would be very diverse anyway! 

Diversity adds so much to a team as you have different perspectives. If your team is full of middle-aged men all from similar backgrounds, their life experiences will be pretty similar. But, if there’s more diversity, you can call upon experiences and ideas from other people, potentially blowing your mind wide open. If anything, the secret to a bad team is a lack of diversity!


Don’t employ too many or too few people

A team needs to have over two people in it. At the same time, you shouldn’t go overboard and have triple-digit teams – or even ones with over 10-15 people. When too many people are in a team, you get a ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ effect. There are almost too many ideas, too many people to get on board with the same things – it’s a mess. Many businesses will take an overall team and make it large, then split it into smaller divisions. E.g. a marketing team of 20 people, but there’s a group of 3 working on socials, 4 dealing with email, and so on. 

When your team is too small, you lose the benefits of a group mentality. It’s very easy to get stuck and run out of fresh ideas in a team of two! Three should be the minimum, then take it from there. 


Add a sprinkling of AI

Lastly, you should call on technology to help your teams thrive. For a team to be effective, it needs to be efficient. As it notes on the HotPMO website, you can get AI that will automate different processes when you’re doing projects as a team. Therefore, it frees up more time for humans to do what they do best. If your team isn’t utilizing technology and automation, it will be very unproductive and slow. 

That’s generally all there is to it. You may have been expecting a longer list of things to be aware of, but there isn’t! The main point is the first one about diversity – a diverse team will always be better than one that’s full of the same people. 



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