The Right Way to Introduce More Technology Into Your Workflow

“Technology” is used as an umbrella term for far too many things. It’s become an incredibly vague word when it comes to describing new processes and features that can be added to a business workflow in order to improve its efficiency and productivity, and it’s got to a point where simply throwing around the word “technology” is more of a detriment than a positive for businesses.

In addition, trying to stuff new technologies, processes and features into your business workflow can be suffocating for both employees and customers. Whether it’s a complicated website that is overloaded with useless features or lengthy office processes that hinder your employees, it’s important to introduce new things at a slow and steady pace.

Understanding technology before implementing it

A lot of businesses tend to go for things like industry-standard solutions or expensive options because they assume that it can help them. Unfortunately, expensive solutions come with long learning processes to make the most of your investment, especially when it comes to hardware and software tools. The right way to approach a complex change to your business is to study it thoroughly or even consider a service that can help you implement it.

A good example of this would be Comurce, a cloud-based Digital Operating Model platform that can help you manage information and interactions with your company. It’s a form of technology that can have a drastic impact on your business, but it requires you to understand it thoroughly in order to utilize it effectively. Similarly, you need to teach your employees about the technology that you’re implementing in your business so that they also understand how to use it effectively. There’s nothing worse than introducing a new piece of software or hardware to the company, only to have it be underutilized and abandoned after a short amount of time.

Adopting technologies at an early stage

Attempting to change your existing workflow or processes can be incredibly taxing on your team. Imagine trying to change the type of software that your employees use or requesting that they approach their work in a different way to what they’re used to. It would cause chaos among your staff and slow your business to a crawl.

One of the best ways to introduce technology into your workflow is to adopt it at an early stage. For example, if you’re just starting up your business then immediately beginning with an agile workflow or supporting remote employees will greatly change the infrastructure of your business and how data flows through your networks. Adopting these workflow changes while your business is already operational can be tricky since it often requires you to pause your business.

While technology can definitely improve the productivity and efficiency of your business, it can also be a detriment if it’s not handled properly. As a result, it’s often a good idea to take it easy and slowly integrate new technologies to your business so that you don’t end up hurting your productivity.

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