The power of a positive self-employed mindset


Women’s Business Club’s #KnowledgeExchange has been designed to recognise that all of our members have knowledge to share and that we’re all experts in the stuff that we know. Each month, we leverage our collective voice and empower our members to upskill each other by exchanging their knowledge.

February is our Mindset month. In this guest article, Karen Warren, a Personal Development Specialist and a member of our Chester Tribe, explains why a positive self-employed mindset is a powerful tool for boosting confidence in your business.

I didn’t take the decision to be self-employed lightly as I’m sure you didn’t, whether that be as a one-woman band like me or the leader of your own business, employing staff.

Calling the shots can be scary and wonderful in equal measure and I find that my self-belief is supported by the strength to stand by my decisions, even when they keep me awake at night.  My business will succeed or fail based on my decision-making and I find that liberating.

I’m not put off by that, it fuels me if anything to keep going.

My business is called KW Inner Strength because I believe we all have great inner strength that fuels our ambition, drive and determination.

When I check in with myself then I think about how KW Inc is doing.  To check in on the whole of me, not just the business side of things.


Strength and determination

I thought being employed was testing, but the 18 months since I left my permanent role in the public sector have been testing in a different way.  And definitely a better way.

People say they will do things and then don’t do them, which is my personal pet peeve by a mile. This potentially has a direct impact on my finances now, whereas it didn’t in my permanent role.

But would I change it?  Not for the world!

Because I get to call the shots and that has done wonders for my sense of self, self belief and self-esteem, even on those days when I wobble about the financial bottom line.

And that is the true test of our strength isn’t it?

To have the faith and self-belief to keep going when it feels like there’s a lot going on around us.


A holistic view of you

Wellbeing, confidence and a positive mindset relate to the whole of you.  You might be totally kick ass at work but struggle with personal relationships away from work.

So how are you doing as a whole?  How is your ‘incorporated’ self doing?

If you’re going to have good days then you’ll also have less positive days. Great resilience will allow you tip top self care on those bad days that will help you to return to the great days more quickly.

Driving yourself towards burnout is not good for your wellbeing or that of the people around you, in a personal or business sense so think about where you’re at and whether you need great self care or a gentle kick up the bum.

We get to decide that now ladies, so let’s be kind to ourselves, eh?


A positive mindset for self-employment

My top tips for running your own business with a positive mindset are:

  • Think about the times when you were employed and smile:  You don’t have to put up with that any more!
  • Factor self care into your day, week and month: A lunch break, a walk, a self care appointment of some kind.  You are not skiving because you’re the boss! You decide on the structure of your day.
  • Ignore the ‘shoulds’:  Many of those apply to when you were employed.  Be brave and decide what works for you and your workforce.  Asking people how they think things should be structured is great staff engagement.
  • Recognise, acknowledge and reward your achievements:  It’s very easy to dwell on the things you haven’t done but think about the things you have done as well!
  • Admitting that you don’t have all the answers is good for your mindset:  If you give yourself space to think about something your mind will often come up with a solution.  It just can’t always do that at the exact moment that you would like it to! Give yourself some time and space, when you can.

We’re learning every day; sometimes how to do things and sometimes to see behaviours that should never be repeated.

This learning process can support your resilience, cultivate a positive mindset, and make you smile. This positivity is important for your wellbeing, for the people you support and work with and for the success of your self-employed business.

Connect with Karen

Karen Warren is a Personal Development Specialist supporting personal, professional and organisational development goals and helping people to find their inner strength.

Check out Karen’s new book >> Workforce Wellbeing, how to build organisational strength and resilience, so a reference to that with a different picture would be great if that’s possible. Get your copy here.

Twitter: @KWinnerstrength

Women’s Business Club #KnowledgeExchange has been designed to recognise that ALL of our members have knowledge to share and that we’re ALL experts in the stuff that we know. Each month, we leverage our collective voice and empower our members to upskill each other by exchanging their knowledge.

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