The Mouse That Roars

Not too long ago, I found myself sitting around a table with business women and the conversation had drifted to the subject of introverts. One lady mentioned how an introvert would never admit to being an introvert and implied that they would be too embarrassed to do so, as if it were something to be ashamed of. The consensus in the room was that it was a negative, a liability. Without even taking a second to think I immediately responded that I am an introvert and liked being myself! I didn’t say it quietly or shyly but with confidence and a good volume but somehow still managed to be ignored. So what is it that makes people believe that being an introvert is a weakness or a negative?

INTRODUCING Karen William’s brilliant new book, The Mouse That Roars – A Shy Girl’s Guide to Living Courageously

What a breath of fresh air it was to read Karin’s book! She unashamedly shares her story of how she lives and loves being the confident and successful yet introverted business woman that she is. Karen shares her journey from a young and tender age through to her life today and weaves in valuable hindsights and practical tips that we can all learn from for life and business.  The Mouse That Roars  is definitely not only for introverts – all personality types will find many gems in this book such as getting in touch with your why, finding your drivers and doing things that scare you, to name a few. Each chapter ends with some fantastic ‘shy girl’ tips to help others on their journey to becoming a confident and unashamed introvert. A great book well worth reading whether or not you are shy and definitely a good gift to buy for a shy girl.  Find out more at  

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