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Introducing Donald Brown

Donald Brown is an Award Winning Sculptor, Inspirational Speaker, Elite Masters Athlete and Director  of The Global Gallery Limited. His unique triple combination of global marketing for businesses, community social responsibility and high-end quality art is both innovative and groundbreaking. Collectively, these three components support a global arts campaign against bullying and violence.

What does The Global Gallery Offer Your Business?

The Global Gallery has much to offer your business including worldwide marketing and exposure for three years and positive PR via our global arts campaign against bullying and violence. The offer also includes an international press conference to further promote your business, a red carpet black tie event to salute your business and celebrity guest appearances. There is also ownership of a £3,500 replica of the sculpture at the forefront of this initiative, alongside an alignment to Project AIRWAVES.

Project AIRWAVES is a global arts campaign against bullying and violence. AIRWAVES stands for Artists In Residence Working Against Violence Elevates Society. This campaign addresses gun, knife crime and violence and holds artists accountable for the messages they send through their creative airwaves. Artists will be employed to conduct art residencies in schools and will work with staff and students to create positive and inspirational works of art, which  will address bullying and violence in order to elevate society.

The Sculpture at the Forefront of this Initiative:
The ‘A Sporting Chance for Peace’ sculpture has taken four years to create. It is being used to inspire present and future generations by promoting positive principles for life. The lithographic prints of the sculpture will be sold worldwide to fund Project AIRWAVES and promote your business.


This three-year marketing campaign for your business is conservatively valued at £35,000. That cost will be completely waived via The Patron’s Plan.

The Patron’s Plan:
The Patron’s Plan will allow a collective group of businesses to receive worldwide marketing and exposure for three years. The marketing campaign will salute the businesses as a collective group who are championing the fight against bullying and violence. The marketing campaign will also acknowledge the businesses for enabling artists to inspire students in schools via Project AIRWAVES. This collective approach means that the £35,000 value of the marketing campaign per business can be waived and the collective group of businesses would still receive worldwide exposure for three years.

Find more information about The Patron’s Plan here:

How the Patron’s Plan works: 
1) The prints of the sculpture are £35 each
2) 100 prints x £35 is £3,500, the exact price of the sculpture.
3) Every time 100 prints are sold, a replica of the ‘A Sporting Chance for Peace’ sculpture will be  donated to a school, business or establishment.
4) The print buyers will nominate a school, business or establishment of their choice.
5) A recipient will be selected from the nominations every time 100 prints are purchased.
6) This is ideally suited for businesses with an online network of friends and associates who wish to support them.
7) If 100 print buyers nominates your business, you are guaranteed to receive the sculpture.
8) This would also secure three years of global marketing for your business at no cost to you.

It would also be worth noting that, there are some benefits for the 100 print buyers, including: 

  • A full colour, lithographic print of the sculpture.
  • Print buyers nominate a school, business or establishment of their choice to receive a sculpture.
  • The names of all 100 print buyers who nominate your business would be listed on a Patron’s Plaque.
  • The Patron’s Plaque would be permanently placed beside the sculpture to honour them.
  • All print buyers will be acknowledged for championing our campaign against bullying and violence.
  • All print buyers will receive a Sculpture Patron’s Certificate.

At this time, a Reservation List is being compiled for the first 100 businesses to express interest.  To secure your place on our Reservation List, click on this link and complete up to number 1 on the form.

You will then receive a courtesy document to share with your network of friends and associates. That document will invite your network to watch the video that explains the positive principles promoted within the sculpture and will explain that their purchase of the print, of the sculpture, will:

1) Help your business to secure worldwide exposure for three years
2) Support a global arts campaign against bullying and violence
3) Enable your business to receive a 40 x 24 x 6 inch replica of the sculpture valued at £3,500
4) Ensure the print buyer’s name is included on the Patron’s Plaque that would be permanently  placed beside the sculpture to honour them
5) Ensure the print buyer receives a Sculpture Patron’s Certificate to further acknowledge them

Requests to be on the Reservation List will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

The Global Gallery

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