The Dos and Don’ts of Marketing Your Small Business in 2020

Marketing has had to take a bit of a turn this year. We’ve all been through a lot with the pandemic, and many things slowed to a halt. After a complete stand still, many things have started back up again, but that doesn’t mean we should carry on as normal and pretend that nothing has happened. Here are the dos and don’ts of marketing your small business in 2020:


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What To Do When Crisis Marketing

You don’t need to stop your marketing efforts, but you should pump the brakes a little and switch gears. Here’s what to do:

  • Be empathetic – empathy should always be a part of your business messaging, but it should have a big emphasis when crisis marketing. You can’t alienate your audience by pretending that nothing is happening. It’ll seem insensitive. Make sure you work on understanding the emotional needs and motivations of your customers. 
  • Stay authentic – chances are, you and your team are experiencing many of the same things as your customers. You probably know exactly how they feel, so what content would you like to see? What language would you all find insensitive, and what offers would you like to see? 
  • Share updates – sharing business updates during a time of crises will keep customers informed of any changes in your business. You might need to change you operating hours, shipping times, product offerings or purchasing process, and you’ll need to let everybody know. Make sure you share things you’re doing to help customers too. 
  • Offer deals – make sure you offer specific deals that could be helpful during this time. 


What Not To Do When Crisis Marketing 

  • Don’t copy others – you can follow the examples others have set, but you shouldn’t copy them or use cliches. Use the knowledge you have of your target audience to reach out to them more authentically. Copying others will seem insincere. Working with a professional Adwords company and consultancy could help you to come up with original strategies that make an impact. 
  • Don’t ignore what’s going on – silence is not the answer, and neither is just trying to carry on as normal. People will notice this, and it could shine a bad light on your business and ruin your reputation. This will affect their buying habits, too. 73% of respondents to a survey reported that the way companies conducted themselves during a crisis impacted whether they chose to do business with them. You need to address the situation, show your empathy and understanding, and find ways to push forward. 
  • Try to find the perfect solution – unfortunately, there’s no perfect solution. You may make a mistake, and if you do, make sure you unreservedly apologise and learn from it. The faster you do this, the more it shows you are willing to learn, and you can go back to positive messaging. 

By paying attention to the above dos and don’ts, you should be able to build solid relationships with your customers so you can continue to grow and enjoy a good reputation for the life of your business. 


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