The Cherry On Top Following a Successful Meeting

Meeting with clients, employees, and investors can be a scary thing for business owners, no matter how long they’ve been a successful entrepreneur. Even if you know how to smash a pitch meeting in your sleep, there’s still a nagging feeling in the back of your mind wondering if it’s going well, and this feeling only gets worse. 

In business, first impressions matter. We know you’ve heard this all before. Stand up straight, firm handshake, eye contact, clean, shiny shoes, you know all the corporate stuff. But what happens after a meeting that can increase your chances of repeat business, or even just a call back? Here’s how to add the cherry to a successful meeting to boost your chances of snagging a new, lucrative contract. 

Following Up

Look, you’re not sixteen anymore standing nervously by the phone waiting for your crush to call. Nobody got anywhere by just waiting around for someone to call them. Instead, you’ve got to take the initiative and follow up as soon as you can. 

That’s not to say get on the phone as soon as they leave. That would look ridiculous. But calling a day or two after the meeting to discuss any additional thoughts will show you’ve got them in mind. It also gives you the chance to gauge their feelings about what you discussed. 

Showing You Listened

It’s easy enough to sit there and nod and tell the person opposite you that you understand where they’re coming from, but if you don’t prove you listened to feedback and took it on board, you will fracture and potential working relationship you could have. 

Applying this feedback following a meeting, whether it’s small or significant, will demonstrate flexibility and a willingness to change to suit the needs of your target audience. It proves you’re not running your business with an iron fist and are open to adopting new practices if they are suggested to be beneficial. 

However, you know your business best, so don’t make changes just because, as that can have the opposite effect of what you’re going for. 

Sending a Gift

Showing appreciation might be something you haven’t thought about. But if you’re a small company looking to build a reputation, it’s something to consider to improve your chances of repeat business. 

It doesn’t need to be a big gift, but sending something to the office to show them you appreciate their time will put you ahead of others vying for investment or business. You can also go the extra mile and visit to organize a gift in a personalized package with your logo.

Not only will this be a pleasant surprise for them, but it also helps marketing and promoting your business as word about how generous you are will quickly spread. 

Treats and Meets

Like any relationship you’ll encounter in life, it’s essential not to come on too strong, and in some cases, even take it slow. But you’ve still got to put yourself out there, so adding some sugar to sweeten any deals may end up beneficial for you and the client.


Photo by Thomas Q on Unsplash

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