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Busy Business Woman’s Guide to Looking Good I was asked recently, during a talk to a business woman’s group, how it was possible to look good when we all have such hectic lives. I had a (quick!) think about the essential elements of achieving this which I have detailed for you below and snappily called my ‘Busy Business Woman’s Guide to looking good’. Let’s start at the top (of our bodies) and work down!

Hair – make regular appointments (make the next one when you are at the salon). Have a default bad hair day look that works for you – piled up in a bun, plait or low ponytail. Add some pretty clips to make it look glam!

Makeup – work out what the minimum you can get away with is. For me I have to line my brows (patchy) and add a bit of concealer and mascara. Keep a small tin of Vaseline with you to smooth brows and shine lips.

Nails – file them in a neat shape (mini nail file in your handbag would be useful!) and wear a clear/neutral varnish which doesn’t show chips as easily. If you want to make something more of your nails then gel nails last for a couple of weeks though you need to make sure you keep going back so book a batch of appointments.

Outfit Planning – don’t leave choosing what to wear until the morning, especially if you have an early start. You don’t need to have your exact outfit laid out but at least check the essentials are clean and have a few outfits that you can wear if all else fails. My fall back outfits are a couple of dresses. I know if they’re clean then I can add accessories to achieve an outfit I feel good in. In cold weather it’s probably wise to ensure you have a pair of emergency tights (at home and in the car) in case of a last minute disaster! (or have fall back trousers!).

Accessories – don’t forget the power of accessories! They can make a mediocre or plain outfit look great. So do add a necklace, earrings, brooch on your coat lapel, tie a scarf round your neck and pick up some gloves. I have a selection of scarves/gloves/hats by the door ready to brighten up my outfit which I grab on my way out!

Shoes – it’s essential these are in good clean condition. If they look grubby or tatty it lets the rest of your outfit down. They don’t have to be so shiny you can see your face in them but don’t wear them dirty. Finally, make sure your coat (the first and last thing people see you in) looks good and makes you feel great. If you are just dashing to the shops, no one knows what you have on underneath! (Unless your PJ’s are showing underneath it, in which case…)

My last top tip. Put regular days off and breaks in for yourself. Invest in yourself, not just your business and you will feel (and look) better.

Hazel Robinson Nuts About Style

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