The 8 C’s of a SMART Social Media Strategic Road Map

The 8 C's of a SMART Social Media Strategic Road Map

8 C’s of a smart Social Media Strategic Road Map 

Starting your social media strategic road map journey?

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I see it all the time but I won’t STOP until I have educated and informed my community on what to DO and NOT do with your social media marketing and how to implement a social media strategic road map. Traditional marketing has changed radically in the last few years. If you are not being authentic and true to your message, sooner or later your ideal client will turn to someone else who provides her the value she is looking for.

Let’s look into each C’s from the graphic above and be aware of what to do and not to do, so that you can better target your potential clients. Imagine yourself starting your social media journey. You need to be attentive to the green and red traffic lights, right? Just nod your head if you agree with me!! 

  • Conversations
    • DO: If you want to know what your current or potential clients want, you need to be open to listen to them. What do I mean by this? It’s not what you think you can provide to them, it’s what they need that you should give. Ask them what they want. By finding out their pain points you will be able to provide a tailored service which will make them feel valued. 
    • DON’T: Getting into a discuss of what they need even if they don’t see it at first, it’s only going to cause friction. So be sympathetic to their needs and don’t disagree with what they are saying but instead educate them to see it from a different perspective.
  • Connections
    • DO: Who you are going to connect with will be the stepping stone for your business. You need to be very clear on WHO is your ideal client audience and know exactly where they are hanging out on social media. Wouldn’t you agree that if you are targeting a specific creative female audience that is hanging out on Pinterest more, you wouldn’t go and connect with them on YouTube (even though they are a lot of creative souls in there). Start your social media journey by researching where your ICA is hanging out and then go and connect with them there and authentically ask them to follow you back.
    • DON’T just follow them and then forget about it. It’s a 2-way street so if they follow you back you need to be actively monitoring those connections. Your brand name is at stake here…monitoring what people are saying about your brand will avoid getting a bad reputation in the future. Dealing with complaints promptly online, will show other fans that you care and that mistakes can be made and solved in an ethical manner.
  • Community
    • DO: If you want to build a following of raving fans, you need to provide value, support and be present when they most need you. Once you gain their trust…
    • DON’T pretend to be someone you are not. Your fans are following YOU because of your value and therefore not being authentic will only “drive” them away.
  • Consumer
    • DO: It takes time for someone to buy from you so first focus on building trust and be authentic ( I can’t say it enough times!!). 
    • DON’T focus on just selling. 
  • Control
    • DO: Take control of your expertise and show your potential customers that you know what you are an authority in your field. 
    • DON’T show up as a disorganized mess. Put a strategy in place and stick with it for a while to see what works. Remember that any strategy is dynamic and you don’t have to use it again if it doesn’t work for you.
  • Creativity
    • DO: The way you are going to achieve your VISION will be the driving force of your business. Be creative and think “outside of the box and around it”. Find a way of creatively differentiate yourself from others doing the same as you. 
    • DON’T follow the “herd” and compare yourself to others. And most of all don’t adopt an old fashioned thinking. Times are evolving, technology is changing and your social media media strategic road map is dynamic. You don’t need to use others strategies. Just because it worked for them…it might not work for you.
  • Collaboration
    • DO: My business model is based on building partnerships that will enhance and expand it. By forming partnerships with others you will be able to give a high end package to your prospects and deliver on a timely manner. Think about other areas in your business that your current clients are asking for and that you can integrate in your services.
    • DON’T be narrow minded thinking that you will be “over taken” by your competitors. It is possible that your direct competitors might not have something that you have and vice versa. Cooperation is the name of the game. 
  • Content
    • DO: Finally the most important piece of the social media strategic road map “puzzle” is content. I cover in depth content management practices in the Social Media Starter Kit however I just want to emphasize the need to be consistent with it. Your fans follow you on your social media channels because they like your content. Consequently you need to follow the 80/20 rule for content delivery. 80% needs to be informative, educational, entertaining, other people’s content. 20% can actually be your own original content. 
    • DON’T disregard engagement. Content goes along with engagement. Engagement is what should be measured. It’s your ROE (Return On Engagement) metrics that will determine if you are being successful with your social media strategic road map.


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