#ThankfulThursday – Focus On – The Older Generation



Our focus of this evening’s post is the older generation of our society. This is designed to get you all thinking and be thankful for the many different types of people that we are in contact with throughout life. Simply put, we need to listen to our elders. We believe that often, these older members of society/of our families are absolutely full of wisdom and first hand experience.

To put it in context, If you ever interview a candidate, 9 times out of 10, one of the main questions is to outline what previous experience they have. It is often forgotten that older people have a lifetime worth of experience and have seen the world change in so many different ways that some of us can never imagine! Members of the older generation will probably have worked for a range of different companies throughout their lifetime and they would have seen small independent companies as well as large, well known companies succeed and also fail. They will have an extremely detailed knowledge of exactly what members of the public want from companies and what simply doesn’t work. Opening up your inspiration and feedback to such a different generation will give you an alternative view and highlight things you would never have picked up on otherwise!

We have such a wealth of knowledge from people who have had endless amounts of real world experience and strangely this is not something that we often recognise or take advantage of!

We should start becoming more aware of how a conversation with a member of the older generation could benefit us (and of course them) and be more thankful to have this opportunity to speak to such amazing people!

What are you waiting for, go and have a chat with your long lost Aunty or maybe even a neighbour on your street!! Work on your business and your personal relationships at the same time!

#ThankfulThursday #WomBizClub

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