#IamRemarkable POWER HOUR

We’re pleased to be partnering with Google Digital Garage to provide a free live webinar training where you will discover the importance of self-promotion in your life and career. What can you expect from this Google Digital Garage session? Discover the importance of self-promotion in your life and career. #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering
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Webinar Series with John Courtney – Boardroom Advisors POWER HOUR

Session 1 – Common Challenges of Scaling Up (23/09/2021) Discussion around the common challenges of scaling up around business strategy, business growth, strategic funding, planning for exit and how advisors can help. In this masterclass you will learn how to: Plan your business and growth strategy Analyse your funding option Use advisors to help with
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Google Digital Garage

Digital Marketing Strategy POWER HOUR

The Google Digital Garage provides free online and live webinar digital skills training to individuals and businesses in the UK to help people find a job, grow their skills, careers or businesses from home. Join us for this, free POWER HOUR from Google Digital Garage! Digital Marketing Strategy with Women’s Business Club. Join us for
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Stop Running To The Well POWER HOUR

How to stop running to the well to get new clients. Forever. Building a business is about providing value other people are willing to pay for. That’s what we strive for. We spend time developing a product or service, creating a marketing strategy, making sales, taking care of customers and generating repeat business—sounds simple, right?
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Build Your Personal Brand Online POWER HOUR

We’re pleased to be partnering with Google Digital Garage to provide a free live webinar training where you will learn how to stand out online. The online space is so competitive at the moment so we all need to be learning how to stand out now more than ever. Join us for this, free POWER
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What Has BL0CKCHAIN Got to Do with Me?

Bl0ckchain, Crypt0 and NFTs are all hot topics and becoming mainstream! But how many people actually know about it much less understand it. We are delighted to introduce this year’s Women’s Business Conference speaker, Lavinia Osbourne to our stage. Lavinia is the founder and host of Women in Bl0ckchain Talks, breaks it down into understandable
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Women's Business Club - Developing Unshakable Confidence

Banishing Imposter Syndrome to Develop Unshakable Confidence POWER HOUR

You’ve been carrying around a secret that kept you living your life in a state of low-level fear wondering when you will be found out. Everyone believes that you’re better than you think you are, you think you are putting on an act of knowing what you’re doing and working hard extra hard to avoid
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Creating Events to Inspire Your Audience POWER HOUR

Events are an opportunity to showcase your company, your brand, your team and your clients. As an exhibitor or an attendee, you are more than likely to remember an event and the experience if it is unique, organised and inspires you. As the platform for delivering virtual events becomes more common, we are challenged with
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How to Generate Leads and Clients, Speaking For Free POWER HOUR

BIG names like Mel Robbins and Gary Vee have spoken about how they had VERY successful speaking businesses BUT once COVID hit, it no longer exists, overnight. BUT speaking and making offers for people to come and work with you, online – has taken off, in the new COVID market. SO while keynote speaking has
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Getting Media Coverage POWER HOUR

Getting media coverage is a great way to raise your profile but what is a media strategy and what do you need to do before talking to the press? This session will cover the basics you need to know and will challenge you to consider whether your ‘stories’ will get you the headlines that you
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