Achieving Success in the Cryptocurrency World

If there’s an industry that doesn’t ring-fence issues and put divisions between things, it’s the cryptocurrency world. Founded on the ideas of universality and decentralised power, this emerging technology can be seen as the epitome of equality. Of course, as well as having parallels with what we would see as an ideal business world, cryptos
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Top Five Bitcoin Apps

Bitcoin has flourished since it first came onto the scene almost five years ago. The following five apps are recommended for both those who currently use Bitcoin as well as those who wish to use the popular peer-to-peer electronic currency and cash system. BIPS – Getting started with Bitcoin has never been easier BIPS (Bitcoin
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The Surprising Costs Of Running A Business

Running a business is a huge responsibility and one that has the potential to change your entire life. As an entrepreneur, there are a lot of important tasks that you’ll have to deal with, but one of the most crucial is managing your money. Regardless of what anyone tells you, running a company is far
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What Areas Of The Business Should You Be Out Sourcing?

Running a company can be tough. We all know that. But it doesn’t have to be a huge source of stress for you. If you are majorly overloaded with work and you’re really starting to struggle, it’s a sign of a problem that you absolutely need to work on. Because business can be challenging at
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Benefits of Volunteering

3 years ago I was asked to be a trustee for a local charity. At the time I could only commit one afternoon a month, it hardly seemed enough, but the charity assured me it was making a difference. The charity is called Square Pegs Charity who provide a creativity and well- being hub in the
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What the Pay Gap Looks Like in Britain – The Instant Group

According to the data revealed by the ONS, Britain has the fifth largest gender pay gap in Europe behind Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria, but ahead of countries like Poland and Greece. In London, the gender pay gap has barely changed in over two decades, with full-time female employees earning 14.6% less per hour
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Bitcoin Price – Cryptocurrency Struggles After Recent Slump

The value of bitcoin skyrocketed in 2017, and its rapid rise generated huge amounts of interest in it and other types of cryptocurrency. However, bitcoin is notoriously volatile, and a multitude of financial experts have advised people not to get involved, calling it a bubble that could burst at any moment. There are now fears
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Charitable Giving Boosts SMEs Bottom Line

About Work for Good Work for Good is a social enterprise on a mission to unleash the giving power of the business world. Business giving currently represents a meagre 2% of UK charity income. We want to change that by making business giving easy and good for business, and create a major new source of
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Romi Sovova – Interview with Founder of PensionBee

Seeing an Opportunity to Make a Difference to an Important Market Romi Sovova, Chief Executive Officer at PensionBee, tells us about how she first went into business, her best and worst decisions and more about her company PensionBee.  Tell us about your dream job as a child.I wanted to be a lawyer, but I think
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A Woman in a Man’s World

An Interview with Charlotte Poole-Graham Financial Adviser When did you know that you wanted to be a financial adviser?I started off in Marketing in the industry and soon came to understand the significant difference good financial advice can make to people’s lives. Many people find it hard to find someone they can trust due to the history of the industry as a whole and therefore were not seeking financial advice that could significantly improve their lives. I wanted to combat that and become a

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